What Is Prototype Quality?

What does Prototype Quality Even Mean?? When we get all googley eyed looking at those beautifully realistic and finely detailed babies on ebay called Prototypes what are we really seeing?

Let’s break it down.  Prototype babies have enhanced shading in the creases that give it a true to life reflection of light when photographing and viewing the doll.  They also have micro-details, which are the tiniest markings like capillaries, veins and skin mottling.  So what our eyes are picking up on when we view these delightful little ones is pretty simple.  They are shaded, outlined, micro-detailed and stunning in photographs.

I have spent the better part of the past three years of my career exploring different painting techniques and comparing my work to those of the prototype legends that I admire so very much.  And while my babies are not Prototypes (to be a prototype it has to be the first run of a kit) – Mine can be (when ordered as such) Prototype QUALITY. Which means, you get the bells, the whistles, the finer details, the shading – basically everything except an actual first run kit.

It has taken so much time and focus and of course, deep prayer and faith to get where I am today.  And I am so thankful and proud to be able to display my work alongside prototypes fearlessly.  While I cannot use images that are not mine here because of copyright laws, I can give you mine and you can explore the prototypes and do a comparison on your own.  Keep in mind, I am showing you PROTOTYPE QUALITY – not images of babies that I attempted to replicate.  So skin colors, etc. will not match up.  That wasn’t my intention.  My intention was to achieve the same quality of realism found in the prototype doll images.

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