Terms and Conditions

Buyer has agreed to the following terms and conditions by completing a purchase on any platform owned or managed by My Littlest Blessings. Due to the nature and complexity of this artistry, please allow for the following processing times:

These dolls are hand made art pieces.  Subtle variations and minor imperfections are normal and inherent in all hand made items and are NOT considered to be defects. To guarantee a baby without any subtle nuances or natural variations  you must choose a manufactured and not a REBORN BABY.   Please keep in mind that manufactured dolls are NOT REBORNS and are not genuinely LIFELIKE in appearance the way REBORN BABIES ARE.  They look like beautiful DOLLS but nothing at all like a real baby.  There are no refunds, no cancellations and no returns on any custom made doll except as stated in the terms & conditions.



Since everyone beginning February 1st 2021 will receive pre-shipment notification including digital images of their baby before he/she is packaged for shipment buyers have control over their purchase. This way if your baby isn’t what you had envisioned (keep in mine I am an artist – I can’t see inside your head and even if I could I cannot replicate what’s in there – you will be able to select a new baby instead of having your baby shipped. If you decline shipment of your baby, there are several steps that will take place. These are as follows:

  • You will receive a voucher for a new custom baby of your choice in the same package as your original order
  • Because of fraudulent returns/refunds I am no longer offering refunds. I will absolutely honor all exchanges for a different baby either already available (if shown in shop) or another custom baby of your choice.
  • The reason that refund by resale has been discontinued is that buyers were abusing this courtesy and trying to force immediate refunds instead of honoring my policies. Therefore I have removed that option altogether. These people who did this returned their baby because it wasn’t a carbon copy of one they saw online or in their head. NOT because it was a poorly made doll. I resold these babies at or above paid price.
  • Buyer will have 12 months from date of voucher to select a new baby. This gives the buyer an opportunity to select a baby later on that is a new release if they wish to wait for expanded sculpt availability.
  • This may seem unfair to you at first glance but please understand that there are reasons for my policy. I am a very small business. Party of ONE. I do not have the financial ability to give refunds. My work keeps a roof over our heads and food on our table. Please understand that most custom artists sell with no options for resolution AT ALL.
  • The new baby will be created once selected. Standard Processing will apply.


Every customer that purchases one of my babies has consented to all of my policies, terms & conditions as these are ALL expressly detailed in every baby’s item description. These babies take TIME to complete.  These policies are subject to change without notice.

  • Please understand that just because someone in a reborn doll group says they can complete a baby in 6 weeks doesn’t mean that is a standard rule of thumb!
  • I am an artist with high demand for my work! I have a lot of babies in progress. Perhaps the artists who can complete an order in that amount of time are operating under less demand for their work? Perhaps they do not have the volume of orders that I have.  Perhaps they are just faster than I am.  At any rate my policies, my completion timeline and wait periods are my own. I do not operate by other artists schedules.  You have chosen me as your artist for a REASON. I ask you respectfully to please allow me to invest the time necessary to complete your order so I can present to you the very best baby at the end of the baby wait.

Because I have been forced to defend myself due to a few impatient people who didn’t READ all of the information the following rules are in place. If a buyer RUSHES ME, becomes slanderous, abusive or threatening in any way they will receive their doll as is. It will be shipped on that day at whatever stage it is in and the order will be marked as complete. Threatening to slander my reputation is grounds for a lawsuit which will be pursued enthusiastically in a court of law. This work feeds & houses my family. I am an honest individual and I will not tolerate such actions from anybody.

  • If a buyer initiates a fraudulent chargeback on an item they legitimately purchased the company will take legal action against the buyer to recompense and will pursue litigation for breach of contract and lost income.
  • If a buyer opens an item not received dispute/case I am given no other choice but to ship the item IMMEDIATELY at whatever stage it is in at that time.  I am required to ship the item to you whether it is finished or not if you do this – so please do NOT do this!  Instead, you can work with me and I will do everything in my power to get your order shipped COMPLETED in as little time as possible.  Once a case has been opened it is too late and you will receive an incomplete doll. I will still be more than happy to finish the baby BUT you will have to pay to ship it back to me and then PAY AGAIN to have it re-shipped back to you when it is finished.
  • In order to receive updates and progress images, you must subscribe to http://www.bettyjcoffman.com Individual updates are impossible due to time constraints.  In the interest of efficiency and speed of delivery all customers are encouraged to use the order progress page and the information contained therein.

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