Terms & Conditions


Upon completion of payment, materials necessary for the completion of the order initiated will be reserved for the project commissioned.  Unless the buyer has purchased additional photographs of work in progress for their project no photographs will be sent until the final steps of completion and a pre-shipment photo gallery.  Projects are completed in the order they are commissioned.  Standard processing time starts at 16 weeks and may require up to 10 months.  Expedited services are available for an additional cost. Some restrictions apply.

By completed checkout on any venue (Etsy, Website, etc.) the buyer has acknowledged that he/she has read and fully understand all of the items in the agreement and that they are providing consent to all terms therein.  On Etsy, every listing description contains this document and agreement to terms is REQUIRED in the personalization section prior to purchase.  It is the buyer’s due diligence to read all of the details prior to purchase to avoid confusion.  This responsibility does not in any way rest upon the seller.

All payments are nonrefundable.  There are absolutely NO exceptions to this policy.


It is our goal that you be happy with your purchase and that you have an excellent buying experience.  We understand that sometimes our vision and a buyer’s vision may not be complementary.  In these rare instances, the following options are available for resolution.

  1. You may send the baby back for another alteration (buyer pays shipping both ways). Baby must be shipped back to me within 48 hours of receipt of delivery.
  2. You may return your doll in exchange for 50% OFF any baby in the store (baby only package).
  3. You may send the baby back to me for a kit do-over. This allows you to have another baby created from a different READILY AVAILABLE non-limited edition sculpt.
    1. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of the materials & shipping. This cost is $250 and will have standard delivery in 6-9 months.  You may opt to rush delivery by requesting a baby with NO HAIR or by purchasing Planned Arrival.


  1. Baby must come back to me in the original condition with ALL ACCESSORIES.
  2. Package must be insured for the full value of the doll with tracking.
  3. Buyer must request a return within 48 hours of receipt of delivery.
  4. If all of the above requirements are not met the doll will be returned at buyer’s expense and the return will be voided.


As stated in my terms & conditions, upon successful checkout on any venue, by purchasing a custom baby from My Littlest Blessings, you have entered into a legally binding agreement with the artist & seller, Betty J. Coffman, for the commission of a custom reborn baby made from the blank sculpt of your choice.   While it is my goal that every buyer’s experience is positive, due to the rising instances of fraudulent buyers, the following policies have been put in place to protect both the buyer and myself.

Buyer and Seller are legally bound by the following policies:

  • Buyer will allow up to 10 months from the date of purchase (or final payment if layaway) for your order to be processed.
  • Buyer acknowledges that there are no refunds, cancellations or returns on custom babies and that you will receive a photograph proof 48 hours prior to shipment.
  • Changes may be requested at that time (if you purchased baby edits)
  • Changes are limited to additional blushing, darker creases, and other minor paint adjustments. **No changes can be made to the hair, ethnicity or gender. 
  • Requested Alterations can require up to 5 additional weeks for processing.
  • If a customer wishes to swap sculpts or make other changes to their doll order, a form must be submitted to make those changes. Additional charges may apply. Requests not submitted by form will not be acknowledged.
  • Upon delivery receipt you will have 48 hours to request a return. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • All payments are non-refundable. There are no exchanges, refunds or cancellations.
  • No two dolls are ever identical. I cannot make exact carbon copies of another doll.
  • Each doll will have natural variations in coloring and details which add to the uniqueness and value of the baby. These are NOT considered to be flaws.
  • Reference photographs provided by the buyer do NOT in any way indicate that precise replications of the photograph submitted will be present in the finished piece. Variations are expected and by nature are NOT considered a defect.
  • Attempting to force a refund for within the term of 40 weeks agreed to in this contract is considered breach of contract. My Littlest Blessings will initiate litigation to reclaim any refunded amount plus legal costs.
  • Repercussions for the following actions will result in immediate shipment of incomplete doll and possible litigation.
    1. rushing the artist,
    2. incessant pressuring messages,
    3. making negative remarks against the artist or business on social media,
    4. opening a claim or complaint on Etsy, Paypal or other platform,
    5. initiating a chargeback with a credit card company
  • Please be advised that initiating a chargeback on a credit card payment for this contracted purchase is considered fraud and those funds can legally be won back in a court of law by the seller.
  • Opening a dispute or claim on Etsy, Paypal or any other platform will result in the immediate shipment of the unfinished doll. Litigation against the buyer will be initiated for any damages incurred.
  • If, in any case, a buyer is awarded a refund against the policies included in this binding contract, My Littlest Blessings will file a lawsuit against the buyer for reimbursement of lost income and legal fees. Additional charges may also be included in this action for breach of contract and/or libel against the artist and/or the business if the situation necessitates.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me from the website at www.bettyjcoffman.com.  It is my desire to provide excellent customer service and a finished product of the absolute highest quality.  Thanks again for choosing me for your custom baby artist!

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