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Welcome Brizoux’s Precious Baby Boy created from Scarlett by Bonnie Brown

This bouncing baby boy was lovingly born out of the sculpt Scarlett by the amazing Bonnie Brown. He is 19 inches long and has been rooted in slumberland kid mohair in medium brown. Please enjoy his album!

Welcome Baby Hammond

This chunky monkey was brought to life from the Realborn 3 Month Joseph sculpt. He has a beautiful older baby skin complexion with a tremendous amount of detailing in the eyelids to show the capillaries and veining. There is veining of varying depths throughout all of his limbs and belly plate, as well as the thinnest skinned areas on his face and scalp. He has thick newborn micro-rooted hair in gorgeous deep dark brown Slumberland yearling mohair. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you will enjoy His photo session.

Welcome Baby ♡ Tendresse

REALBORN® 3 Month Joseph is one of the biggest, chunkiest baby sculpts available right now and I absolutely LOVE him! This baby is finally complete and is shipping out Monday, September 10th. These photographs were taken under full spectrum daylight lighting and have NOT been edited. As you can see different colored clothing slightly changes the appearance of the skin. This is natural and even real baby portraits showcase the same phenomenon. I hope you enjoy the photo shoot!

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