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Welcome Baby ♡ Tendresse

REALBORN® 3 Month Joseph is one of the biggest, chunkiest baby sculpts available right now and I absolutely LOVE him! This baby is finally complete and is shipping out Monday, September 10th. These photographs were taken under full spectrum daylight lighting and have NOT been edited. As you can see different colored clothing slightly changes the appearance of the skin. This is natural and even real baby portraits showcase the same phenomenon. I hope you enjoy the photo shoot!

Welcome Baby Evelyn Clements

Aka “Little Sue” as I have lovingly called her during this time of creativity and loving creation is finally complete. I am very pleased to announce her homecoming to the Clements’ family who have been eagerly awaiting her arrival. I hope you will enjoy her photo shoot. I have one Evelyn sculpt that is still available for a custom order. This sculpt is limited edition and will not be available forever, so get your order in now.


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