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September Delivery Schedule

September Delivery Schedule

Please keep in mind that while these weekly estimates are generally accurate, there is ALWAYS a possibility that it could change. Things that could affect this projected delivery date would be paint/curing issues, sculpt breakdown, backordered elements like eyes or hair.

Estimated Shipping September 7th

  1. Jack *Gold (Guglielmino) Boy Caucasian Black Hair
  2. Jack *JTB (Bourque) Boy Caucasian Black Hair
  3. Jack (Dudek) *JTB Girl Caucasian Light Brown Hair
  4. Zori *JTB (Savoca) Boy Caucasian Brown Hair

Estimated Shipping September 14th

  1. Tia (Mozee) *Bronze Boy Skin- brown skinned (mocha colored), Hair- rooted, Eyes- hazel or brown,
  2. Odessa *JTB (Biersack) Boy Caucasian Black Hair

Estimated Shipping September 21st

  1. Realborn Sleeping Darren (Bourland)*JTB + SoundBib Boy FHC BOY CAUCASIAN DARK BLONDE HAIR
  3. Sue-Sue (Steponek) *JTB #618/999 Girl,Personalization:bright blue eyes,straight look,bright blonde hair
  4. LouLou (Willer) *JTB #24/2100 Girl Caucasian Blonde Hair fine rooted

Estimated Shipping September 28th

  1. Harper (Nunez) *Exchange Boy Hispanic Thick Dark Hair *see ref
  2. Noel (Nunez) *Portrait Baby Girl Hispanic, storkbite between & above eyebrows, birthmark on upper right arm *see ref
  3. Levi (YlyeKelly) #1308184538  aboriginal complexion awaiting confirmation of details.
  4. Avelee (Mayoral) *JTB Girl Caucasian Black Hair *see ref fb

Orders On Hold

  1. Parker (Kumferman)*JTB Baby boy, Caucasian with rosy cheeks. Medium brown hair Eye color light brown 6+ pounds 30-00087380 AWAITING TORSO
  2. Georgia *Silicone (Romano) Girl, Caucasian medium brown hair and medium brown eyes AWAITING GLASS EYES & HAIR
  3. Ashley Awake *Silver (Davis)**NO HAIR/SHOWER23 AWAITING SCULPT ARRIVAL (once I have received this sculpt the order will be processed as stated above.)

All March Babies Have Now Been Completed!

Attention March moms still waiting for your deliveries! The rest of my March completions are packaged and on their way in the morning. Tracking information has been issued at your original purchase venue. Below is a gallery featuring these babies. There are no duplicate sculpts – so everyone should be able to pick out their little one without confusion!

Testa’s Custom Martha Grace

Preview Instructions
This custom reborn baby was purchased in a package that did not include baby edits. If baby edits had been included in the purchase price shipping would have been delayed by 72 hours from the time of this post to allow the buyer adequate time to contact us with instructions for changes to be made prior to shipment. Because no baby edits are available for this doll it will ship on the next business day.

Instructions For The Buyer
Upon delivery buyer is requested to immediately and thoroughly inspect the package items for any damages incurred during transit. If damage is found please contact me immediately from your purchase history page by logging into the store where you made your purchase and clicking on your order number.

The window of time alotted to report damages during transit or other issues with your purchase is limited to 48 hours from the date of your signature of receipt when your package was marked delivered. I stand behind my work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your baby you may Initiate Resolution Here. This is a TIME LIMITED OFFER. If you have not taken this step within 48 hours of receipt of delivery of your baby the guarantee is VOID.

Tracking Information Has Been Added To Your Purchase History
To find tracking: If you ordered on ETSY you must log into the account you used to purchase this baby and click on your purchase history. When you click on this order your tracking information will be displayed. If you ordered on my website/buy button etc. you will have already received tracking information via email and/or sms message.

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