Shipment Approval

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Hey there! Welcome To The Shipment Approval Page!

Thanks so much for visiting! Here’s where waiting mums go to review their custom made babies and approve their delivery. As a professional artist I do my best to make sure every mum gets a baby she will absolutely adore. That’s why every baby has to be proofed and approved in the gallery before he/she can be shipped home. This way if the baby is not what mum had in mind she can decline shipment and exchange her completed baby for a brand new custom baby from any sculpt that is currently available – even brand new debuting and limited editions, as well. Mums in waiting are encouraged to keep an eye out for their birth announcement (which will be a featured post at the bottom of this page) so she can view her album and finalize delivery or exchange. The form requires order validation to prevent fraudulent entries.

About Me

Hello & Thanks for visiting. I’m Betty Coffman. Previously a certified massage therapist & Clinical Internship Director at the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, Virginia, I became a full-time professional reborn doll artist in 2017. I began learning to create lifelike babies in 2006 and I just grew from there. For many years I worked as a part time artist selling my babies on Ebay.

In 2013, I opened my Etsy store and began selling part time while still working full-time on campus. Through many twists and turns I was presented with the opportunity to resign from my position on campus and make the move into full time artistry and it has been an amazing journey for me. I decided it was time to open My Own Shoppe in order to give my work a larger online presence.

It was a scary time for me leaving a steady job to follow my heart’s passion. But God’s plans for me sure were bigger than my own and when I finally “left the boat” it became more than clear that His grace had once again moved in my life. The Virginia School of Massage Charlottesville Campus was officially closed about six months after my resignation and that is when it all made sense. If I had chosen to stay in my position opting for a sure thing – I would have been unemployed and unready to make the transition to full time artistry. I am so glad I made the decision to do it afraid.

This work is truly an answered prayer for me and I am so very thankful that God has given me such an amazing career. Every baby I create is a divine appointment. I put all of the skills & talents God has given me into creating babies that will bring comfort and joy to my wonderful collectors and reborn mums around the world. Thank you for visiting! See More Of My Work Here.

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