Reborn Doll Custom Cayle By Olga Auer (19″+Full Limbs) LIMITED Edition 1300




Reborn Baby, Art Doll 🌼 This is a High End Custom Reborn Baby with a cloth body that is positionally weighted to feel real in your arms. Baby will be weighted realistically according to the size of the sculpt and is generally close to 6 lbs. Awake babies receive collector grade optical acrylic eyes. Your baby will be rooted in a standard baby hairstyle with a sweet baby swirl at the crown. Yearling and fine adult mohair will be used. This hair is soft but doesn’t tangle easily or get messy. I use very fine needles and micro-root hair directionally so that it lays in a natural pattern. Your baby will be made using a blend of heat set paints in natural skin colors professionally blended by the artist for your baby to create breathtakingly realistic three-dimensional skin complete with translucency and realistic peekaboo veining throughout just like newborn babies. Creases are shaded for depth and make the skin look supple and squishy. These dolls are not recommended for children. Please read ALL OF THIS INFORMATION before proceeding to checkout.

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How to order from the dropdown menus:

🌼 DROPDOWN BOX 1: This selection allows you to control the price and appearance of your finished baby. I have included processing times to each option for your reference. **Completion estimate is counted from the day the materials are received and NOT you’re your order date. Materials are ordered on the day the order is placed. Check with ME first if timing of delivery is a concern for your order. **If the sculpt is new it can take up to 12 weeks for me to receive the blank kit. Keep this in mind when ordering.

🌼 No Hair: Your baby will have painted eyebrows in the color of your choice. Sleeping babies will have rooted eyelashes to match. Awake babies are not given eyelashes unless requested. Strip eyelashes may be used if it is determined that they will look better than hand rooted. 6-10 weeks from receipt of materials delivery.

🌼 Newborn Illusions: Your baby will have very finely painted hair detailing. It gives just the hint of brown hair. *Hair is ONLY available in medium brown and is subtle. 10-12 weeks from receipt of materials delivery.

🌼 BabyStyle Rooted: Your baby will be given beautifully rooted hair in a baby style pattern complete with a sweet baby swirl in the color of your choice. The thickness of the rooting is standard/thick. This means that you will NOT see a lot of scalp through the hair. Baby will be rooted with kid/yearling straight/slightly wavy hair. 14-20 weeks from receipt of materials delivery.

🌼 Image Reproduction: Your baby’s hair pattern will be created as closely as possible to the prototype image that you provide. Please understand that there are NO EXACT MATCHES! I will match the basic style and color as closely as possible, but keep in mind that every baby is different. My painting and rooted hair is top quality in both micro and mono-rooting. I use the softest hair available from Delta Dawn, HP BabyLocks, Nestia and other reputable mohair dealers.

You will choose the number of items included in your Gift Package. These items are mostly clothing; onesies, sleepers, gowns, etc. **NOTE: You cannot choose specific patterns because these items are selected from what is available at the time of fulfillment. These Items are shipped direct from retailer and will arrive shortly before or shortly after your baby.

🌼 No Layette: Your Baby will arrive in a diaper and white tee shirt. You will receive 0 additional items.

🌼 12 Item Layette Set: You will receive a 12 piece layette set for your baby in a separate delivery.

🌼 23 Item Layette Set: You will receive a 23 piece layette set for your baby in a separate delivery.

🌼 50 Item Layette Set: You will receive a 50 piece layette set for your baby in a separate delivery.

🌼 🌼 Deluxe Layette Includes the following 🌼 🌼
🌼 50 piece layette set (sleepers, bodysuits, socks, headbands, shirts, shoes, blankets, bibs, loveys)
🌼 Front Baby Carrier
🌼 Infant Car Seat (style based on availability)
🌼 Baby Diaper Bag
🌼 Two 8 oz. sealed bottles (one) apple juice (one)
faux formula with sealed nipples
🌼 Small Travel Set of assorted Baby Items (prop use
🌼 Baby Care Set
🌼 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller (style based on


German Glass Eyes

Vinyl Torso

Tummy Plate

The SoundBib

Pierced Ears

Peach Fuzz

Image Reproduction (make your baby look like the listing photograph)

Art Doll, Reborn Baby 🌼This is a High End Soft Vinyl Art Doll Custom Made EXTREMELY REALISTIC Reborn Baby with a cloth body that is positionally weighted to feel real in your arms. This doll is NOT recommended for children.

🌼 Your baby will be created with the most realism possible in an art doll. You will choose gender, skin color, hair color & eye color for this baby.

NAME: Betty J. Coffman
SALES: 900+

This Order Will Be Fulfilled In TWO Shipments.
You will receive a shipping notification with tracking for each delivery.

Shipment #1:
WHEN: Immediately
WHAT: Faux Formula, Apple Juice, Diaper Bag, Baby Care Set OR other Free Gift Item(s)

Shipment #2:
WHEN: Your custom baby is hand made and will require some time to create. If this baby is a gift and is required by a certain date please contact me before you order so I can be sure this is possible. *There are no cancellations once an order has been placed.
WHAT: Baby will be dressed in a white hospital tee and diaper and sealed into his/her protective air bubble to make sure the trip home is safe and comfortable. Also included: COA (if applicable) and an extra diaper.
Shipment #3:
WHEN: 7-21 days after delivery of baby.
WHAT: Any package items that were ordered.

You will get a shipment notification email with detailed tracking information for each package in your order. You may reach out at any time for information or if you have questions about your order. You can also follow progress on my website. You will receive access to this page as soon as your order is placed.

🌼 My images are always used when I have completed a sculpt. When I have not you will see prototype images instead. The image itself will tell you if the work is mine or prototype. The images shown (whether mine or prototype) are not the doll you will receive and are shown only to demonstrate the potential for finished babies made from the sculpt. You may learn more about me and my work at I specialize in custom created reborn babies – this means that the baby in the photograph is NOT the actual baby you will receive UNLESS it is stated as such in the title and description of the listing.

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