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October 18, 2019

*Currently Experiencing Delays*

NOTICE: All Straight Alpaca Mohair that is projected to be available for the rest of 2019 has been ordered. Customers waiting for babies to be rooted with STRAIGHT hairstyles are affected by this shortage. If you do not wish to wait, please use the button below to change your hair selection.


Current Hair Waitlist

*Projected Completion: January 2020

  1. Sleeping Elizabeth (Jannsen)
  2. Martha Grace (Testa)
  3. Liam (Gleason) Complete w/ wig
  4. Adelaide (Hix) Red Curly
  5. Kiara (Spackman) * Platinum Package
  6. Lark (Spackman) * Platinum Package

Preparing For Shipment

Completed babies are shipped on Fridays and Saturdays each week. If your baby is listed below, you can expect to receive tracking information via etsy or paypal on the morning of shipment. If baby edits are desired (and included in your purchase) you MUST contact me right away on your baby’s announcement post to delay shipment and confirm changes.

  1. …tba

Hair Studio *Hair Painting, Rooting, Lashes & Sealing

  1. Michelle (Melanie) *Platinum Package
  2. Eloisa (Orange) *Gold Package
  3. Imani (D. Farmer) *Baby Only
  4. Maggie (L. Harry) *Platinum Package
  5. Zuri (Taylor) *Platinum Package SPH Blonde
  6. Raven (Nunez) *Basic Package
  7. Abigail (Turner) *Basic Package

Paint Studio *Skin Layers, Veining, Finishing

  1. Yael (Farrow)
  2. Josiah (Hix)
  3. Saskia (Hix)
  4. Easton (Parks)

November Babies

  1. Realborn Darren (Raddke)
  2. Lailani (S. Gonzalez Layaway)
  3. Ethan (Ball)
  4. River (Bryda)
  5. ‘Lil Yawn (Newcombe)
  6. Levi (Spencer)
  7. Kai (Rogers)
  8. Malea (Maelys)
  9. Sleeping Ashley (Marcelina)
  10. Liam (Goodman)
  11. Rieke (Goldman)
  12. Amelia ( Rolfsvåg) *Special Holiday Package

December Babies

  1. Mini Marley (Schaap)
  2. Flynn (Marugg)*
  3. Tobiah (Balser)
  4. Sleeping Ashley (Kelley)
  5. Raven (Tannus)*
  6. Camilo (E. Boston)
  7. Sarah (Meth)
  8. Zuri Awake (Coan)
  9. Pilar (Sharonde)
  10. Babette (Dawson)
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