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May 29, 2020

***If you do NOT wish to wait for your delivery you may opt-in to swap rooted hair for a 23 piece baby shower package instead. This will deliver your baby in 6 weeks. CLICK HERE TO SWAP HAIR FOR A BABY SHOWER.

**To MANUALLY check your kit availability status CLICK HERE. If you find that your baby appears in ERROR below please let me know so I can update the system. Thanks! 😊
  1. Preemie Megan *JTB (Bourque)
  2. Maddie *JTB (Gignac) *(depMac)
  3. Odessa *JTB (Savoca)
  4. Jack *JTB (Savoca)
  5. Odessa *Bronze (Bagley)
  6. Zuri Awake *Silver (Munday)
  7. Sam *Gold (Himebaugh) + tummy & back plate
  8. Odessa *JTB (Biersack)
  9. Landon *JTB (Holloway)
  10. Charlotte *Bogo+Diamond (Costello)
TC e423c3
  1. Sam *Gold (Himebaugh) + tummy & back plate
  2. Charlotte *JTB+Internal Voice (Schall)
  3. Salia *JTB (Schall)
  4. Enie *Gold (Himebaugh) + tummy & back plate
  5. 7 Mos. June Asleep *JTB (Burge) paci+hair magnets recd #1176
  6. Tia *JTB (Burge) paci+hair magnets #1176 R
  7. Jewls *JTB (Sharp) #1171
  8. Saskia *JTB (Sharp) #1171
  9. Ylenia *JTB (Montes)
  10. LE Lil Chick *Diamond (Poot) ***3pmt L MacP
  11. Enie *Diamond (Ferguson) R
  12. Shaya *Diamond (Ferguson) R
  13. Mia *JTB (Biersack)
  14. Salia *Bronze (Caudle)
  15. Emelia *Diamond+Rooted EL (Costello) R
  16. June 7 Mos + Torso (Guzman) 5/27

Shipping June 5th 2020

  1. Jaxson (Bagley) *Bronze+Front & Back Plates Boy June 2-9 Boy AA
  2. Salia *Silver (Collosso) Girl fine blonde fair skin *see reference image
  3. Marie Freebie Promo (Collosso) Boy Painted Hair *see reference image
  4. Joseph Asleep *Silver (Kelly) Boy Blonde

Shipping June 12th 2020

  1. Summer Rain*JTB (Newell) Girl Medium Brown Hair
  2. Lailani *JTB ( Reine-Claude) Girl Caucasian Thick Brown Hair
  3. Phoenix *JTB (Wee) Boy Black Hair Fair Skin
  4. Parker *JTB (Pierette) #1002 Girl subtle painted hair

Finished & Holding For Multi-Item Delivery

  1. TBA

The following babies are being painted & detailed. This requires 7-9 days per set. For the best, most realistic baby please be patient.

  1. Flynn *Silver (McCartney) Boy Brown Hair Blue Eyes
  2. Tink *Bronze (McCartney) Girl Brown Hair Blue Eyes
  1. Joy (Wilson)
  2. Martha Grace (Wilson)
  3. River (Lanning)
  4. Martha Grace *Gold (Voyles)
  5. Sansa (Woodhouse)
  1. Ossie *JTB (Munday) *July 9th
  2. Realborn Darren Asleep (Mackay)
  3. James Twin 1 (Dawson)
  4. James Twin 2 (Dawson)
  5. Braelyn *JTB (Ackett)
  6. It’s A Girl *JTB (Blandin) skin suite natural haïr Brown eye blue
  7. Noel (McCartney)
  8. Mick (Lacur) *JTB
  9. Ruby (Guerrero) *Gold
  10. Jack *JTB (Alvarez) + SoundBib
  1. Kyrie Asleep (Winigman) *JTB 3K Likes Winner
  2. Zori (Rashed) *JTB
  3. Salia (Yakoub) *Silver 
  4. Parker (Kumferman) **Shopify – awaiting kit jtb**
  5. Luv Buggie (Thomas) *JTB
  6. Adelaide *Diamond Girl (Woodbury) 3Sound Mix Unit (Baby Crying, Screaming & Calming, Baby Feeding Happy Baby Gurgles, Coos & Spits) Listing Photograph. Medium Brown Hair Light Blue Eyes. *Request Shipping Authorization.
  7. Andi (Hoyle) *JTB
  8. Laila (Stewastynowkcz) *JTB #1166recd
  9. Georgia *Silicone (Romano)
  1. Harper (Nunez) *Exchange
  2. Noel (Nunez) *Portrait Baby
  3. Levi (Kelley) Practice/Courtesy * aboriginal complexion
  4. Avelee (Mayoral) *JTB
  5. Jack (Dudek) *JTB
  6. Realborn Sleeping Darren (Bourland)*JTB
  7. Realborn Darren Awake (Bourland) *JTB
  8. Sue-Sue (Steponek) *JTB #618/999
  9. LouLou (Willer) *JTB #24/2100
  1. Tia (Mozee) *Bronze Boy #18/1200
  2. Tia (Brendel) *JTB + Torso Girl #32/1200
  3. Elise (Adams) *JTB #48/666 Advanced Rooting Pattern+Pierced Ears+Baby Stud Earrings
  4. Saskia (Hassan) *JTB
  5. Martha-Grace (Gignac) *JTB #123/500 + Torso F
  6. Martha-Grace (Cavalier) *JTB
  7. Corvin (Kilgore) *JTB #224/750
  8. Trouble (Pykhonen) *Diamond
  9. Emery (Warne) *Silver #31/950
  1. Tori ( Vandenbrande) *JTB
  2. Elise (Hoff) *JTB #44/666 + Plate
  3. Parker *JTB (Marinella) ***awaiting kit
  4. Shaya *JTB (Landgridge)
  5. Adeline *Diamond (Munday)
  6. Saskia *JTB (Munday)
  7. Raven *Platinum (Bushrod) mixed, medium brown hair, ear piercing
  8. Saskia *JTB (Munday)
  9. Levi *JTB (Munday) Boy
  10. Odessa *JTB (Munday)
  1. Zori *Gold (Munday)
  2. Aiden *JTB (Trujillo)
  3. Tony *Gold (Himebaugh) + 20mm #10 blue glass eyes, dark brown hair Josiah Christian Himebaugh
  4. Noel *Silver (Himebaugh) boy, caucasian black hair advanced pattern + reference image
  5. Portrait *JTB (Dosh) Girl
  6. Eloisa (Hoyle) *JTB+Torso very light skin tone, very thick dark brown curly hair, green-brown eyes.
  7. Adeline *JTB (Bothwell) **EtsyKit/Irres
  8. Joseph Sleeping + Torso *JTB (Robinson)
  9. Franklin+Boy Torso (Mumper) *JTB
  10. Warren *Bronze (McFadden)
  1. Yannik *JTB (Hammond) red hair with longer loose curls, green eyes, and a peaches and cream complexion. 
  2. Sue-Sue *JTB (Rolfsvaag)
  3. Saskia *JTB (Eaton)
  4. Summer Rain *Silver (Munday)
  5. Jack *JTB LAYAWAY (Rogers) + soundbib feed+hiccups+cry
  6. Alin *JTB (Jankova) *Memorial Doll/Ref. Etsy Convo)
  7. Jack *JTB (Mitchell) MAC30-00074297
  8. Salia *JTB (Howard)
  9. Bellami *Bronze (Jones)
  1. Flynn *Silver (Tillery)
  2. Eloisa *Silver (Tillery)
  3. Sarah *JTB (Ratto)
  4. Saskia *Silver+pierced ears (Boyd)
  5. Eloisa (Arcello) *JTB Bourque
  6. Aspen *Bronze (Losh)REC
  7. Saskia *Gold (Brown) #1170 (MacP5/9)
  8. Mick Awake *JTB Gignac FREE/MACP5/9


REMEMBER: Payment plans set up using ETSY must have recorded payment activity at least ONCE every 90 days or they automatically cancel. ***IF YOUR LAYAWAY IS HERE – YOU NEED TO MAKE A PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID TERMINATION OF CONTRACT.

  1. 7 Months June *Bronze (Pacheco)
  2. Robin Awake *Bronze (Lee) #82/700 ***Rec
  3. Coco-Malu *JTB (Graham) ***Rec


  1. Amy *Diamond (Frickling) ***3pmt L?Ful? MacP
  2. Sleeping Zuri *JTB (Lynch)
  3. Jade Asleep (Roebuck)
  4. Tia *Silver (Rawlings) 3pmtL – Girl
  5. Odessa *JTB (Hurns)+Breath+Voice Girl 3pmtL
  6. Odessa *Silver (Rawlings) Boy 3pmtL
  7. Happy+Tummy Plate *JTB (Hill)
  8. Odessa *JTB (Hill)
  9. Ping Ping *JTB (Abdulwahhab) #36715 SHOPIFY#1165 rec
  10. Realborn Johannah Sleeping *JTB (Stradwick) #1167
  11. Claire *JTB (Holloway) 3pmtLay
  12. Landon *JTB (Holloway) NYO
  13. Tia & Nailah *Diamond #1174
  14. Posy & Tobiah *JTB #1180


While I do my absolute BEST to be as FAST as possible, this work requires ALL of my attention to detail and EVERY BIT of my focus on quality. This requires a HUGE INVESTMENT OF TIME. Unfortunately a few people have abused my kindness and necessitated the establishment of the following policies.

  1. If a buyer becomes slanderous or abusive or threatening in any way they will receive their doll as is. It will be shipped on that day at whatever stage it is in and the order will be marked as complete. Threatening to slander my reputation is grounds for a lawsuit which will be pursued enthusiastically in a court of law.
  2. If a buyer initiates a fraudulent chargeback on an item they legitimately purchased the company will take legal action against the buyer to recompense and will pursue litigation for breach of contract and lost income.
  3. If a buyer opens an item not received dispute/case I am given no other choice but to ship the item IMMEDIATELY at whatever stage it is in at that time.  I am required to ship the item to you whether it is finished or not if you do this – so please do NOT do this!  Instead, you can work with me and I will do everything in my power to get your order shipped COMPLETED in as little time as possible.  Once a case has been opened it is too late and you will receive an incomplete doll. I will still be more than happy to finish the baby BUT you will have to pay to ship it back to me and then PAY AGAIN to have it re-shipped back to you when it is finished.  
  4. In order to receive updates and progress images, you must subscribe to my website as individual updates are unable to be sent out due to time constraints.  In the interest of efficiency and speed of delivery all progress images are posted to the website.
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