In Progress

June 17, 2019

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Update ◇ First Shipment of slightly wavy mohair received

Update: ***Straight Alpaca Hair STILL NOT IN STOCK. Contact me to arrange a different hair type/style for faster completion. Thank you all for your understanding!

Ready For Hair

  1. Adelaide (Erin Elizabeth)
  2. Adelaide (Ruppelt)
  3. Nina (Patricia)
  4. Morgan (Yulia)
  5. Landon (Turner)
  6. Landon (Davis)
  7. 3 Month Joseph (Rojas)
  8. Sleeping Ashley (Smith)

Preparing for Shipment

  1. April (Kelly)
  2. April (Sabine)
  3. Liam (Michael)

July Deliveries

  1. Liam (Chardon)
  2. Raven (Christiansen)
  3. Mya (Kellogg)
  4. Mya (Spong)
  5. Malea (Hoyle)
  6. Nina (Hoyle)
  7. Michelle (Cochran)
  8. Ivy Jane (J. McNamee) 3D+Bronze
  9. Scarlett (Wigfall)

*Currently Experiencing Delays*

  1. Silicone (Conrad) **New shipping estimate July 2019**
  2. Silicone Full Body (Pyykönen ) + sound & photography **new shipping estimate August 2019**
  3. **Adelaide Revision (Yesenia) waiting on HAIR

I am currently experiencing paint related difficulties with several of my silicone custom babies. I am working with a silicone professional at this time who is helping me to get these babies completed. I do not yet have an estimated ship time for these orders as we are not sure how long fixing the issues may require. I appreciate your patience during this process. **If at any time you no longer wish to wait for your silicone baby, you may request to substitute three custom vinyl babies made from sculpts of your choosing. Contact me directly to confirm this change. Thank you!

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