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September 22, 2020

Thanks for checking in! Please scroll down to find your order. Please note that some kits have started coming back in stock and we are hopeful that the rest will be soon to follow. I appreciate your patience! Your investment of time & trust in me and my work means more to me than you can imagine. Thank you for your support of my artistry and thank you for your patience & understanding during this difficult time. If you have ordered and DID NOT receive a link to the Baby Design Form please click the link in bold.

Orders On Hold

  1. Sue-Sue (Steponek) *JTB Waiting for Eyes.
  2. Parker (Kumferman)*JTB Baby boy, Caucasian with rosy cheeks. Medium brown hair Eye color light brown 6+ pounds 30-00087380 AWAITING TORSO
  3. Georgia *Silicone (Romano) Girl, Caucasian medium brown hair and medium brown eyes AWAITING GLASS EYES & HAIR
  4. Ashley Awake *Silver (Davis)**NO HAIR/SHOWER23 AWAITING SCULPT ARRIVAL (once I have received this sculpt the order will be processed as stated above.)

September Delivery Schedule

Please keep in mind that while these weekly estimates are generally accurate, there is ALWAYS a possibility that it could change. Things that could affect this projected delivery date would be paint/curing issues, sculpt breakdown, backordered elements like eyes or hair.

Estimated Shipping September 23rd

Welcome Bourland’s Twin Realborn Darrens.

Estimated Shipping September 30th

  1. Harper (Nunez) *Exchange Boy Hispanic Thick Dark Hair *reference imges
  2. Noel (Nunez) *Portrait Baby Girl Hispanic, storkbite between & above eyebrows, birthmark on upper right arm *reference images
  3. Levi (YlyeKelly) #1308184538  aboriginal complexion image reference email
  4. Avelee (Mayoral) *JTB Girl Caucasian Black Hair *see ref fb


When an order is placed it starts out here. This helps me keep track of incoming material deliveries for orders. Once the materials have been checked in the orders will move to a calendar month for processing. If you have ordered and DID NOT receive a link to the Baby Design Form please click the link in bold to complete yours now. If you recently placed an order and it isn’t listed below OR you cannot find your delivery date it may be due to COVID-19 DELAYS that are being experienced at the manufacturer & vendor level. Scroll down to check the out of stock section.
  1. Sansa *JTB (Woodhouse)
  2. Surprise Delivery (Pierrette)
  3. Peanut *JTB (Sewastynowicz)
  4. Shaya *Basic Rooted Diamond (Valencia)
  5. Colin *Prototype Style Diamond (Croft)
  6. Adelaide *Basic No Hair (Imes) ?warehous
  7. Happy *Basic Painted Hair JTB (Atwell) 30-00091036
  8. Theo *Basic Rooted JTB (Mayoral) 30-00091290
  9. Kinsley *JTB-Basic Rooted #1192 Osborn TinkbIN283265GN86303HY3213112
  10. Theo *Prototype Silver (Burns) 30-00091494
  11. Sleeping Zuri *Basic Rooted Diamond (Canfield) #127934
  12. Johannah Sleeping *Basic Rooted JTB (Armenta) #127934
  13. Eloisa/Said *Basic Rooted Silver (Sintowski) 30-00091761

DP Creations has estimated restocking for Realborn & other out of stock kits in LATE SEPTEMBER.
**To MANUALLY check your kit availability status for kits just click on your order

The REALBORN/BOUNTIFUL BABY kits below have an estimated restocking date at DP Creations of Late September. Other kits do not yet have an estimated arrival.

  1. Realborn Darren Sleeping *JTB (Stephenson)
  2. Summer Rain *Silver (Munday)
  3. Laila Awake *Gold (Dix)
  4. Ashley Awake *JTB (DelPrete)
  5. Lavender Awake *Basic Rooted JTB (Ware)
  6. Realborn Ashley Awake *Basic Rooted Diamond (Himmelbauer)


***If you do NOT wish to wait for your projected delivery date you may opt-in to swap rooted hair for expedited delivery. This will deliver your baby in 6-8 weeks provided your sculpt is NOT OUT OF STOCK. To request expedited delivery just CLICK HERE

  1. Tia (Brendel) *JTB + Torso Girl #32/1200
  2. Saskia (Hassan) *JTB
  3. Martha Grace (Gignac) *JTB #123/500 + Torso F 30-00088703
  4. Martha Grace (Cavalier) *JTB
  5. Saskia *Gold (Brown) #1170
  6. Corvin (Kilgore) *JTB #224/750
  7. Trouble (Pykhonen) *Diamond
  8. Emery (Warne) *Silver #31/950
  9. Tori ( Vandenbrande) *JTB
  10. Elise (Hoff) *JTB Girl caucasian; red hair #44/666 + Plate
  11. Jack *JTB/etsy (Alvarez) + Girl Soundbib+tummy & back plate + Breath+Heart+Voice
  12. Coco-Malu *JTB (Graham)
  13. Odessa *Bronze (Bagley)received 7/20
  14. Maddie *Platinum (Clare)
  15. Levi RBBD*NO HAIR (Imp) 30-00086678
  16. Sansa *JTB (Woodhouse) 2nd attempt
  1. Parker *JTB (Marinella) ***pink skin brown hair blue eyes. SEE NOTES FOR CUSTOMS INFO
  2. Tink *JTB (Landgridge)
  3. Adeline *Diamond (Munday)
  4. Saskia *JTB (Munday) ***awaiting new stock
  5. Raven *Platinum (Bushrod) Auburn curly human hair Hazel glass eyesMixed complexion Ears pierced Sound bib
  6. Levi *JTB (Munday) Boy
  7. Odessa *JTB (Munday)
  8. Zori *Gold (Munday) ***8.3.20***
  9. Zori *JTB (Adkins)
  10. Parker *JTB (Sullivan) MP6/18
  11. LE Lil Chick *Diamond (Poot)
  12. Kinsley *Gold (Schaef)4PY41120L7323221A
  13. Lailani (Gonzalez)
  1. Tony *Gold (Himebaugh) + 20mm #10 blue glass eyes, dark brown hair Josiah Christian Himebaugh
  2. Noel *Silver (Himebaugh) boy, caucasian black hair advanced pattern + reference image
  3. Ollie *JTB (Long) thick black hair newborn eyes
  4. Eloisa (Hoyle) *JTB+Torso very light skin tone, very thick dark brown curly hair, green-brown eyes.
  5. Adeline *JTB (Bothwell) **EtsyKit/Irres
  6. 3 month Joseph Sleeping + Torso *JTB (Robinson)
  7. Franklin+Boy Torso (Mumper) *JTB
  8. Warren *Bronze (McFadden)
  9. Yannik *JTB (Hammond) red hair with longer loose curls, green eyes, and a peaches and cream complexion. 
  10. Sue-Sue *JTB (Rolfsvaag)
  11. Ossie *Silver (Munday)
  12. Maddie *Silver (Munday)
  13. Jack *JTB (Rogers) +rainbaby bottom + soundbib feed+hiccups+cry+heartbeat+pierced ears
  14. Flynn *JTB (McCartney) Boy
  15. Tink *JTB (Herron) MP6/19 + test strip eyelashes
  1. Saskia *JTB (Eaton)
  2. Alin *JTB (Jankova) *Memorial Doll/Ref. Etsy Convo)
  3. Jack *JTB (Mitchell)
  4. Salia *JTB (Howard)
  5. Bellami *Bronze (Jones)
  6. Maddie *JTB (Gignac)
  7. Flynn *Silver (Tillery)
  8. Eloisa *Silver (Tillery)
  9. Jade *JTB (Sullivan) BB6/18
  10. Mia *JTB (Biersack)
  11. Odessa *JTB (Savoca) received 7/20
  12. Hiromi *Diamond (Huff) 30-00084635
  13. Jaylan *JTB (Huff) 30-00084635
  14. Ping *JTB (Kongpaisalthavorn) IRR39415
  15. Payton *JTB (Anderson) 30-00084807
  16. Maddie *JTB Prototype Style (Stanford) 30-00088458
  1. Sarah *JTB (Ratto)
  2. Saskia *Silver+pierced ears (Boyd) platinum blonde rooted hair with brown eyes 
  3. Eloisa (Arcello) *JTB Bourque
  4. Aspen *Bronze (Losh)
  5. Blessing *JTB (Losh)
  6. Mick Awake *JTB Gignac FREE/MACP
  7. Sam *Gold (Himebaugh) + tummy & back plate
  8. Enie *Gold (Himebaugh) + tummy & back plate
  9. 7 Mos. June Asleep *JTB (Burge) paci+hair magnets recd #1176
  10. Ping *JTB (Sullivan) IRR6/19
  11. Mio *JTB (Sullivan) MP6/18
  12. Tia+RainbabyBottom (Gutierrez) 30-00085322
  13. Mick by Adrie Stoete+RainbabyBottom (Gutierrez) 30-00085322
  14. Charlotte *Bogo+Diamond (Costello) ***AWAITING KIT DELIVERY 8.4.20
  15. Charlotte *JTB (Lane) ***AWAITING KIT DELIVERY 8.4.20
  1. Tia *JTB (Burge)
  2. Salia *JTB (Schall)
  3. Tia *JTB (Burge) paci+hair magnets #1176 R
  4. Jewls *JTB (Sharp) + SILICONE BOTTOM (R) #1171
  5. Saskia *JTB (Sharp) +SILICONE BOTTOM (R) #1171
  6. LE Lil Chick *Diamond (Poot) ***3pmt L MacP
  7. Salia *Bronze (Caudle)
  8. Enie *Diamond (Ferguson) R
  9. Shaya *Diamond (Ferguson) R
  10. Emelia *Diamond+Rooted EL (Costello) R
  11. Realborn Kelsey *Diamond+Internal Voice+Torso+RainbabyBottom (Gutierrez) 118419
  12. Johannah *JTB + Torso (Lane) 118424 ***Alteration To Torso (see order notes)
  13. Kinsley by Sandy Faber *JTB (Crump) 30-00085322
  14. Elise *JTB (Clare) light brown hair 30-00085574
  15. Johannah *JTB (Marquardt)#119783
  16. Zori *Prototype/Silver (Schaef) girl caucasian light blonde haïr 30-00086678 rec’d
  1. June 7 Mos + Torso (Guzman) R
  2. Ylenia *JTB (Montes)
  3. Posy *JTB #1180
  4. Tobiah *JTB #1180
  5. Tia *JTB (Mason)
  6. Vivienne *JTB (Sullivan) MP6/18
  7. Kinsley *JTB (Sullivan) MP6/19
  8. Kinsley *JTB (Anderson) MP6/21
  9. LE Liam *Bronze (Johnson) Warehouse
  10. Warren *JTB (Sales) MP6/27
  11. Flynn *Gold (Blakeman) Warehouse *shopify #1183
  12. Shaya *JTB-Basic Rooted (Obrien) 30-00087975RECD
  13. Jaylan *JTB/Replacement (Thomas) 30-00088703
  14. Jack *Prototype/Silver (Lallave)
  15. Mia by Conny Burke *Basic Rooted/Diamond (Bantum)
  1. Hiromi *Diamond (Huff) 30-00084635
  2. Jaylan *JTB (Huff) 30-00084635
  3. Ping *JTB (Kongpaisalthavorn) IRR39415
  4. Payton *JTB (Anderson) 30-00084807
  5. Tia (Gutierrez) 30-00085322
  6. Mick by Adrie Stoete (Gutierrez) 30-00085322
  7. Elise *JTB (Clare) light brown hair 30-00085574
  8. Laila Awake *Gold (Dix)
  9. Mia *JTB (Chen#1186) 4PY41120L7323221A
  10. Realborn Michael *JTB (Huff)
  11. Maddie *Platinum (Clare)
  12. Jack *JTB (Golden)
  13. Ivy *JTB (Veien)
  14. Jack *Platinum (Brewer)
  15. Maddie *JTB-Painted Hair (Sanfilippo) 30-00087975
  16. Maddie *Diamond-Prototype #1192 Osborn 30-00087975
  1. Preemie Megan *JTB (Bourque) #122802
  2. Realborn Darren Sleeping *JTB (Stephenson)
  3. Realborn Sleeping Zuri *JTB (Spears)
  4. Summer Rain *Silver (Munday)
  5. Ashley Awake *JTB (DelPrete)
  6. Laila Awake *Gold (Dix)
  7. Zuri Asleep *Gold (Guglielmino)
  8. Laila Awake *Gold (Dix)
  9. Realborn Michael *JTB (Huff)
  10. Brittany Sleeping *Basic Rooted Diamond+pierced ears (Loomis) ⚠️NEW SHIPPING ADDRESS
  11. Realborn Brooklyn Asleep *JTB Basic Rooted (Valdez)
  12. Zuri Sleeping *Prototype/Diamond (Culmone) NYO
  13. Preemie Megan *BOGO (Culmone) #122802
  14. Tony by Gudrun Legler #1181 Layaway (Salgado) *pending final payment.
  15. Kinsley *JTB-Basic Rooted #1192 Osborn TinkbIN283265GN86303HY3213112
  1. Silicone Zori *JTB Basic Rooted (Valdez) 30-00087975
  2. Silicone Zori *JTB Basic Rooted (Vinciquerra) +21shower (pkg19405503699300009508803)
  3. Lil Yawn *JTB Basic Rooted (Vinciquerra)9405503699300009508803


While I do my absolute BEST to be as FAST as possible, this work requires A HUGE INVESTMENT OF TIME. Unfortunately a few impatient & unkind buyers have abused my kindness and necessitated the establishment of the following policies.

  1. If a buyer becomes slanderous or abusive or threatening in any way they will receive their doll as is. It will be shipped on that day at whatever stage it is in and the order will be marked as complete. Threatening to slander my reputation is grounds for a lawsuit which will be pursued enthusiastically in a court of law.
  2. If a buyer initiates a fraudulent chargeback on an item they legitimately purchased the company will take legal action against the buyer to recompense and will pursue litigation for breach of contract and lost income.
  3. If a buyer opens an item not received dispute/case I am given no other choice but to ship the item IMMEDIATELY at whatever stage it is in at that time.  I am required to ship the item to you whether it is finished or not if you do this – so please do NOT do this!  Instead, you can work with me and I will do everything in my power to get your order shipped COMPLETED in as little time as possible.  Once a case has been opened it is too late and you will receive an incomplete doll. I will still be more than happy to finish the baby BUT you will have to pay to ship it back to me and then PAY AGAIN to have it re-shipped back to you when it is finished.  
  4. In order to receive updates and progress images, you must subscribe to my website as individual updates are unable to be sent out due to time constraints.  In the interest of efficiency and speed of delivery all progress images are posted to the website.
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