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Many customers are unsure of what all of the sculpt choices actually mean when it comes to what the baby is made of and the limb specifications. Here is a quick course on choosing your baby sculpt. I hope you will find it helpful. When shopping with me you will find all of the kit information in the listing title.

What is the difference between soft vinyl & silicone? Silicone is squishy and stretchy (think firm jello). Soft vinyl is NOT stretchy and only a little bit squishy. You can pinch the foot, arm, leg etc. and your fingers will move the soft vinyl a little bit but it will not allow your fingers to “sink in”. Silicone is much softer and you can press your fingers deeper into the area. Realism depends on the artist and the sculpt. Most soft vinyl babies LOOK much more realistic than silicone UNLESS you are buying from a silicone artist. Durability: silicone babies break down faster with use and their hair cannot be sealed so it will shed over time depending on how much it is handled and how it is cared for. Vinyl babies have sealed hair and sealed paints and tend to hold up better over time. Neither silicone babies or soft vinyl reborn babies are recommended for children as they are very expensive and require being handled with great care. BUT, if you are buying one for your child, the soft vinyl babies are better as they are more durable.

Do you want it to be silicone? If so, please be aware that silicone dolls are NOT reborn babies. They are in a class of their own. All ACTUAL reborn babies are soft vinyl. This may help you in your search.

Do you want to bathe your baby or have a drink & wet system? You want a SILICONE BABY. Not a reborn baby.

Reborn Babies ALL HAVE CLOTH BODIES. It is what holds the head and limbs together. Yes, even FULL BODY vinyl babies have a cloth body inside of the torso shell. Here’s a picture of how a full body vinyl doll with full limbs is assembled.

What does all of the limb information mean? 3/4 arms means the baby can wear a short sleeved shirt with no cloth showing. Full arms means the baby can wear a tank top with no cloth showing. 3/4 legs means the baby WILL have CLOTH showing when he/she is in a diaper or onesie. There is cloth above the mid thigh of the baby. Full legs means the baby can wear a onesie or just a diaper and have no cloth showing at the leg of the diaper. Full limbs means arms and legs are all the way to the hip and shoulder. 3/4 limbs means there is cloth that starts above the elbow and mid thigh. What you decide will be based on how you plan to dress the baby and if it bothers you to have cloth body showing at the shoulder & the top of the leg.

Here’s what’s on Etsy Now! There are tons of baby kits to choose from for your perfect custom baby! I place limb information in the listing titles so you will know what types of limbs each baby will have. To view the title in full you may click on the image to visit the baby’s listing. (On a computer you can hover your mouse over the image and the information will show)

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