Beautiful No Hair Babies

Are you nervous about ordering a reborn baby with no hair? Are you fearful that it won’t look natural or will seem odd in some way? Lots of babies are born with little or no hair! Take a look at the galleries below of real babies and my own no hair custom babies. It just might change your mind about no hair babies. As you will see below, they are very realistic and when economy is what you are looking for you can still get an amazing baby made by a professional artist for $500. Isn’t that better than attempting a facebook purchase of a used doll that may or may not ever be received? I see so many people distraught because they got swindled out of hundreds of dollars trying to get a reborn baby they can afford online. It breaks my heart and that is why I decided to create babies affordable for everyone. Thanks for looking! I hope you will find a baby you love.

See! I told you there are beautiful REAL no hair babies! Makes you want one, eh?
Well, now that you mention it, here are a few of my very own creations of beautiful, no hair babies. If you’re ready to order CLICK HERE. Remember, every baby is available with no hair options in my store.
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