Featured Baby "Ivy"

My Custom Reborn Baby Photography

Professional Setup

I use genuine newborn photography props, lighting and backdrops to create beautiful images of my babies.  I have spent countless hours studying newborn photography and adapting those techniques to work in my doll photography.  The results are stunning.

Genuine Presentation

Watermarks are added to my pictures for copyright protection. My photographs are not edited or altered in any other way.  Babies are photographed under full spectrum lighting - so what you see is what you get.

In Love With This Featured Baby?

You can have a custom reborn baby of your very own made just like this one. I also offer other sculpts for reborn babies and silicone babies, too! 

Custom Ivy


($39.99 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Get your very own "Ivy" custom made with the same details and features as the one showcased on this page.  Hyper-Realistic Detailing and 3D Painted Hair in medium brown.  Please allow 12-16 weeks for processing.


  • Onesie
  • Hospital Blanket
  • Hospital Bracelet
  • Faux Formula Bottle
  • Honeybug Pacifier
  • Diaper
  • Care Instructions
  • Certificate of Authenticity