A quick note

The studio will be closed due to construction repairs December 27th through January 7th. Order completions have been rescheduled to reflect this change. We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with our new build that must be rectified as soon as possible and this work will require me to vacate the studio during the work. If they finish ahead of schedule I will update the calendar to reflect these changes. Through the month of January you will notice that there may be fewer progress updates. This is to allow me extra time to focus exclusively on the work so orders can move through more quickly. If your order has not moved in more than 8 weeks and you are concerned please use the helpdesk to request more information on your baby as orders are progressing but the changes may not yet be reflected on the page. I appreciate you all! Thank you for the wonderful honor of being your reborn doll artist. Much love to you all.

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