Crazy Times

Ok. So I have spent the last 45 minutes in tearful prayer searching for the right words to communicate gently yet clearly something that has been wearing me down mentally and physically over the past several weeks.

So here it is. I can either be fast or I can be good. I am getting REALLY tired of getting messages that make me feel bad because I am not as speedy as someone thinks I should be. That is ridiculous.

Anyone who has purchased a doll from me has done so KNOWING the processing time well before checkout if they bothered to read. And who is buying costly art without reading every line of text anyway?!!

I feel like I have to say this louder for the ones in the back even though MOST of my customers understand this concept.

You cannot order a doll expecting that it be amazing and realistic and then send messages every week checking progress complaining that waiting is hard and STILL EXPECT PROTOTYPE QUALITY without your active investment of time. I don’t mind check ins! I welcome all communication from buyers. I love you guys! Many of you have become my friends.

What I don’t love is being told that I am taking too long. Especially when we are still way earlier than the stated processing time and I have another several weeks still safely within my processing window!

The babies on my channel and in my portfolio that are the most realistic are the ones where the buyer gave me time & space to work.  They gave me room to create life in that sculpt taking the time I needed.  Buyers of reborns have two choices.  Either you want a fast DOLL or you want a breathtaking BABY.  I will know your choice by how rushed you make me feel. 

Case and point. I have had 3 dolls in the last two weeks go out that I KNOW could have been better had I not been rushed into completing them. All three buyers were unhappy with their babies. Well that makes FOUR OF US! And now I am remaking all three of them which I am happy to do. But my point is rushed artwork rarely wins awards.

Several weeks ago I had a buyer message me that she was scared she was being scammed because it is taking me the length of time STATED IN MY LISTINGS to finish her dolls. Then she asked me to take a picture with any doll just to show I am legit – which I DID. Even though that was an extremely insulting request.

I will not lose my peace in this chaos and ignorance. I will not lose my joy in the gift God has given me in this artistry and career that I am continually thankful for. I am a good artist.  I am a good person and I have worked very hard to create and hold space in this community. 

So, this post is an honest heads up. I can’t control the pandemic delays. I have given free babies out of my own pocket to those affected even though I did not have to. I am working as hard as I can and as fast as I can. I can’t get babies done any faster than I can get them done.  

I am tired of explaining the manufacturing crisis. We all know what happened and is still happening. We have all lived through this together. We all know. And none of us can change any of it. We all have to move forward together.

I have made a decision tonight that from this point forward I will assume those who rush me want a DOLL and those who give me time want a BABY and I will fill orders accordingly. 

If I get slammed in the reborn groups so be it. I know God will sort it out. I will still be here quietly working, making the best babies I can within the time frame I am allowed by each customer respectively.

I have learned one very important truth in my years on this earth. If it costs me my peace it is too expensive. My artistry speaks for itself. My character speaks for itself. My excellent seller rating speaks for itself. I will not be bullied into fear. I will do the work God has graciously given me and I will be glad in it because that is what brings God glory and at the end of the day that is what I want to do more than anything else. Everything else is just noise.

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