December WIP & Baby Updates

Happy Holidays Everyone! I wanted to take a moment to send out a little update! I know that so many of you guys are patiently waiting for your reborns to be ready to come home. Here is my revised calendar for December. I know that some of you were hoping for delivery before the holiday and you may be disappointed. I apologize for the disappointment but in all honesty it is more important to me that you receive a baby that you absolutely adore than to meet the timeline desired with a substandard baby.

Please keep in mind that my normal processing time is 16-32 weeks based on the date I receive the blank kit. Some of you have and/or are waiting longer than normal for your delivery due to the 2020 manufacturing crisis that is still not fully resolved. I am so sorry! I am doing the best that I can to get everyone’s doll out the door in as little time as possible. See the progress page for instructions if you wish to expedite your order.

You will see several CLOSED dates on the schedule below. These dates reflect my daughter’s (Kaitlynn) radiation treatments. Please know that I will only be taking the time off to drive her to and from her appointments and the rest of each of those days I will be working on orders. I do not think it is a good idea to project completions on those days because we do not know how well she will tolerate these treatments or how much time away from home & work I will be spending on these days.

I have gotten hit pretty hard this weekend by customers who have been ripping me into pieces because of the wait. A few have gone so far as to insinuate dishonesty. This has crushed me. It makes me wonder if I really want to offer customs next year. I love this work. I don’t love being made to feel like dirt for a situation that is far beyond my control.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that waiting for anything is hard. It’s hard for me, too. But I also understand that some lags are unavoidable. I am only one person. I want to give each buyer the best possible doll that I can. It’s hard to do that when you’re rushed.

The bottom line is that I express my wait times clearly in all of my advertising. So NOBODY buys a doll from me that isn’t aware that standard processing time is 16-32 weeks. Again, I am sorry some of the 2020 orders have gone over that timeline.The pandemic crushed manufacturing of our kits. This was NOT in my control. There were months upon months where our vinyl kits were stalled. Nothing was being produced. Everything was on backorder. I did not have any control over this. Most orders have now been completed and I have gone above and beyond in giving free dolls to those impacted by excessive delays. My average workday is 6am to 6pm. My days off are generally the days I have to assist my daughter.

Please know that I care about each and every customer as a person and your investment in me and in my work means a lot to me. I am honored to be chosen to create your baby. This work is my full time job. It allows me to provide for my family without impacting my PTSD and for that I am so grateful. Thank you so much for reading this post. I appreciate each of you. If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact me right away.

Some of the things I will be doing to speed things up are:

  • I will be using ONLY the order notes & Baby Design Form to fulfill orders. I will not research conversations/emails to find mentions of instructions or reference images for custom babies. If a change is made to an order by sending a conversation it will not be validated until a new baby design form is submitted. If you think this applies to you, please revisit the design form on the order progress page and submit your custom details again.
  • Starting January 1st 2022 I will not be sending completion albums to every customer. These albums will need to be reserved. I have gotten many forms from you guys that want to receive the albums before shipment and I will be working from that list. Orders placed after December 5th 2021 will be required to request this service.
  • HelpDesk tickets will be the SOLE SOURCE for order check-ins (except for Etsy orders as you can always use etsy convos to reach me) Ticket items will have a 72 hour hold time for responses
  • New spaces for custom orders will be reserved based on dynamic scheduling. A wait list for customers interested placing new orders will be implemented on an as-needed basis.
  • Projects that require too much time to fit easily within the schedule will be declined. This will most likely eliminate silicone dolls in their entirety.

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