My Studio Is Relocating

Hello All!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that our big move is on the horizon.  We do not have an exact date yet because of delays that are still slowing down progress.

We are structuring the move in a way that will cause minimal disruption in studio hours.  I do not foresee any delivery delays due to the relocation.  My studio is in preparation to be down for 3-4 days during the move.  Once the new location is set up my regular schedule will resume.

For anyone unfamiliar with my work schedule I work Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm.  I answer emails/help tickets 7 days per week.  My studio hours are split between paint & rooting and switches each week.  That keeps completions on track.

I have one other announcement and that has to do with progress image requests.  My customers are amazing to work with and most allow me to work at my fastest speed uninterrupted so they can get their baby as quickly as possible. 

There have been a few customers who are requesting images and updates almost weekly.  Please understand that repeated progress sessions will slow down progress because if I’m taking pictures of an unfinished baby I am not painting or rooting. 

The reason progress images create delays is because I am working on at least 3 and sometimes 4-6 babies at one time. When I have to move my focus to taking pictures I am having to completely stop working. Once the images are taken and sent to the customer I must reset my focus and return to the babies I was working on before the interruption. This means getting back to the baby who is getting all of these pictures taken will require some extra time therefore slowing down the order. 

I am happy to send a set of progress pictures once babies are in the third trimester.  Before that it is unproductive as you cannot see very much detail on camera anyway.  

If you are really excited about seeing the progression of doll kit to baby I have an upgrade option that allows for that and you get a creation video at the end, as well. For this option your baby will take longer to receive because of the extra work involved in documentation and filming.

Continually requesting updates and pictures tend to make me feel very rushed.  I can’t rush and also create a breathtaking work of art!  When I feel we are reaching that point I will recommend either being patient and trusting me to give you my best work or leaving out some of the deeper detailing and foregoing the hair in order to get your order out to you earlier. This will be up to you to choose which direction we move. 

I am a high volume professional artist and I am completely transparent with the baby wait.   Everyone who makes a purchase has received this information. There are still material delays for kits and other supplies which is also outlined in the item details.

Thank you all so much for your patience and for your awareness and understanding of the ongoing struggle working around the delays. My ultimate goal is that you receive a baby you adore. If it takes longer than usual I am sorry but I would much rather have a customer that is unhappy because of the delay than to have a customer who is unhappy with the quality. You did not pay for a second rate baby and I am not a second rate artist.

As a courtesy and a big thank you to all of my amazing collectors I am offering a free baby if your baby wait extends past 40 weeks. Standard Processing Time Is 16-32 Weeks & Pandemic Delays may extend it by another 8 weeks.

Thank you once again and God bless you all!

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