New Progress Update Published

Please visit to view all updates. Final Steps are listed below. Updates for other sections are still pending upcoming deliveries and other status changes/revisions. Thanks for checking! ***Only verified buyers can access the main progress page.

Labor Room Babies

  1. Alin *JTB (Jankova) *Memorial Doll/Ref. Etsy Convo)
  2. Tia *JTB (Burge) paci+hair magnets recd #1176
  4. Warren *JTB (Sales) MP6/27

Delivery Room Babies

  1. Realborn Kelsey *Diamond+Internal Voice+RainbabyBottom (Gutierrez) caucasian girl dark brown hair & magnetic bow darkest brown/black thick longer hair Medium dark brown or darker than skin/ birthmark on lft. outer corner of orbital bone or cheekbone Magnetic paci Magnetic bow 118419
  2. Jack *JTB (Mitchell)
  3. Bellami *Bronze (Jones)
  4. Eloise/Said *Basic Rooted Silver 1769793136 (Sintowski) girl, caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes
  1. Yannik *JTB (Hammond) girl caucasian pale green eyes carrot hair ***WAITING FOR HAIR DELIVERY***
  2. Saskia *JTB (Eaton) girl, caucasian light blue eyes blonde rooted hair + pale freckles on face ***CURRENTLY IN ROOTING***

Babies Ready To Come Home

  1. Mick Awake *Economy (Spencer) Holding For Form until 2/04/21
  2. Warren *Bronze (McFadden) Boy Mixed Pale Blue Eyes Dark Brown Rooted Hair
  3. Jack *JTB (Rogers) +rainbaby bottom + soundbib feed+hiccups+cry+heartbeat+pierced earsgirl mixed LONG EXTRA THICK black hair birthmark left thigh (PROGRESS IMAGES)
  4. Tink *JTB (Herron) girl, caucasian dark blue eyes thick medium brown hair

At this point your baby is just awaiting his/her photography session. These sessions require several hours as babies in this section are all shot in one sitting. You can expect a baby to remain here up to 7 days because sessions are only conducted on Saturday or Sunday each week. Most albums are sent out to customers on Saturday Night, Sunday Night or Monday Morning depending on my schedule. Then you just approve shipment and your baby is in transit the next business day.


  1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL!! Add to your approved senders list so it doesn’t end up in spam! Be sure to complete and submit your form.
  2. Failure to approve or decline shipment within 72 hours (using the signature form provided in your proof email) will be considered an automatic approval and there will be NO OPTION for exchange.
  3. Due to the COVID-19 concerns I cannot allow babies to be delivered, handled and then returned. So once you have received your baby – the sale is complete as is.
  4. You will be provided with images of your baby from every angle under 5500k daylight lamps to avoid shadows and to show true colors.
  5. Your tracking number will be added to your order history once delivery of your baby has been approved.
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