Welcome To The New Custom Baby Progress System! I hope this will help you follow along and stay in the loop during your baby’s creation.

Hello All! I wanted to take a few minutes to go over with you a new system that has been put in place to help you better track your baby’s progress. With this new system you will be able to see where your baby is and watch him/her move up the progress steps.

• Babies are grouped into what I call sets. There are 3 babies in each set. There are a maximum of 4 sets in each progress level at any given time. The timeframe for each progress level varies per doll depending on level of detailing purchased, type of vinyl and size of doll but are on average about 14-21 days long.

• There are 11 progress levels in my completion system. I have arranged it this way because so many of you wanted to know what stage of completion your doll was in as we move through to finishing.

• The 11 progress levels are as follows:

Level One: Color Balance & Foundation Layers
Level Two: Middle Skin Layers, First Blushing, First Crease Definition
Level Three: Color Corrections & Additional Skin Layers
Level Four: Enhancing Creases & Wrinkles, Building Blush Layers
Level Five: Color Washes, Toning & Balancing Color, Final Blush & Begin Eye & Lip Detailing
Level Six: Micro-detailing, Top Skin Layers, Final Mottling Layer Application
Level Seven: Micro-detailing, Nail Tips, Eyebrows
Level Eight: Final Eye & Lip Detailing, Hair Prep
o Level Nine: Finalizing All Paint Related Details
Level Ten: Sealing, Gloss Application, Assembly of Body & Limbs, Hair Completion
Level Eleven: Rooting/Painted Hair Completion, Sealing, Assembly & Photographing Finished Baby

• Babies are moved in and out of the studio throughout the entire process. I have a very small space to work in until our big move in the Spring – so, I can only have so many babies on the table and in the studio at any given time.

• Each progress level includes several bakes & cools. This cycling has to be tempered with periods of rest that allow the vinyl to reclaim its original composition and helps to avoid damaging the sculpt. Most vinyl moves through just fine, but occasionally bubbling can occur. To help avoid this, if extra bakes are required for a doll, it may enter periods of rest more frequently in a progress step than others that are easier to work with in order to protect the sculpt from damage. Not every vinyl kit is the same – I am always working at the mercy of the sculpt.

• When babies complete a progress level they are rested in the warehouse in sealed containers to avoid dust gathering on them. They are then brought back to the studio for the next steps in their creation.

• You may request progress pictures for your individual baby once it has moved past the threshold of detail that allows a camera to actually show changes. It is best to wait until Level Ten in order to really see what the finished product will likely be. If you request progress images I am always happy to do that for you.

• Pre-shipment photographs are for the moment reserved for Diamond Package buyers only unless your baby is a first edition for me and will be displayed in my portfolio.

• Beginning March 1st 2021 ALL customers will have to approve their babies before they are shipped out. Proof images will then be supplied at the same time tracking is added to your order. Once you confirm shipment the baby will be scheduled for pickup. This is to make sure that neither of us are paying extra shipping costs and encountering delays if you don’t like your baby as much as you had hoped. Because hand made items, especially reborns are always so unique I know that there is a possibility that you might not be in love with your baby at first sight & that’s ok! I have revised my satisfaction guarantee to meet the needs of these changing times and to protect your investment and my own.

• Declining Shipment: If you decline shipment of your baby there are several steps that will take place. These are as follows:

  1. You will receive a voucher for a new custom baby of your choice at the full value that you paid. You do not have to use this voucher if you don’t want to do so.
  2. Your baby will be placed for sale in the marketplace for the cost of the baby alone. You will not be refunded for accessory packages related to your baby. Those items are considered non-returnable.
  3. IF YOU HAVE NOT USED THE VOUCHER: Once your baby has been sold you will receive that money back via paypal or venmo. There is no way to know how long reselling your baby will take. Like everything else that is bought and sold around the world there are buyer trends, economic fluctuations and other variables that are just not predictable.
  4. This may seem unfair to you at first glance but please understand that there are reasons for my policy. I am a very small business. Party of ONE. I do not have the financial ability to give direct refunds. My work keeps a roof over our heads and food on our table. Please understand that most custom artists sell with no options for refund or exchange AT ALL.
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