Happy Holidays From The Studio At My Littlest Blessings

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for supporting my artistry and following my work. I appreciate you more than you can imagine! We have collectively faced many challenges this year that have impacted the world far and wide. As we move toward the closing of 2020 I pray we can approach the dawning of a new year with enthusiasm, faith & hope. My prayer is that you will all be blessed and that joy will fill your hearts.

This is the final calendar update of 2020! I will be out of the studio for the holidays but I wanted to make sure to announce the last of the December babies and their scheduled shipping. All of the labels have been purchased and you will receive tracking on the date of their shipment (if you are a December delivery). PLEASE NOTE: Package items are continuing to arrive separately from babies. Your package items will deliver shortly before or after your babys arrival.

Thanks Again & God Bless You!


Shipping December 22, 2020

  1. Ossie *Silver (Munday)
  2. Maddie *Silver (Munday)
  3. Noel *Silver (Himebaugh) 
  4. 3 Mos Joseph (Robinson) + torso
  5. Ashley Awake *Silver (Davis)
  6. Adelaide *JTB NO HAIR (Imes)
  7. Maddie *JTB-Painted Hair (Sanfilippo) 
  8. Parker (Clumpe)
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