Artist Check-In From Betty Jane :)

Hello All!

I hope you are all doing well & staying safe. It has been a while since I checked in but I have been seeing your lovely comments, likes & shares on my social media pages and it warms my heart. Thank you for taking the time to share my work and to support my artistry. It is such a blessing to do this work.

I wanted to take a minute to explain how my studio works as every artist has their own system and it was brought to my attention that it is unclear to some folks how custom babies are created. Over the past few weeks I had experimented with increasing my weekly completion to five babies instead of four – but this did NOT WORK WELL. So I have returned to listing 4 babies each week for completion. I found that five was just too many to keep the quality high and I was pushing back orders anyway because I wasn’t happy with my work. And I can’t send out a baby I’m not happy with!

My heart has been breaking over the past couple of weeks because I have felt so attacked because complaints about wait times. The reason I had attempted to increase to light speed was because of a handful of customers who had trouble waiting for their babies and were sending constant RUDE & PRESSURING “checking in” messages which made me feel super rushed and horrible inside. It was literally stealing my joy. And I love this work! This work is God’s hand in my life! I can’t just let go of my peace like that.

Wait times are long and I feel bad for this but honestly I would much rather feel bad that it took a little longer for someone to get their baby than to feel bad because the quality of my babies suffered for the sake of speed and people ended up with less than my best work – less than what they paid for and I had to make a decision.

After many turbulent weeks and great personal reflection I have come to understand that the plain truth is this. I am an honest, caring and open person. I make beautiful babies. I have the talent, skill & attention to detail that collectors are looking for in an artist. But my work takes time. I won’t make apologies for this anymore. My completion timeline is transparent 16-32 weeks from order to delivery. It is stamped boldly across every platform on which I sell. It isn’t my responsibility if someone orders without reading. And from now on, I refuse to feel badly about it.

This year has been awful for delayed & out of stock materials due to COVID-19. That has pushed many orders back even farther. I’m sorry, I really am. And I have offered free package upgrades for customers who have waited longer than the maximum processing time. I do this even though these delays are out of my control because I care about my customers.

Please understand that while I want more than anything to be the best and the fastest I can’t just fly through babies for the sake of “catching up” or speeding up delivery. That is how you get ugly babies, lol. And Betty does not make ugly babies!

I don’t make, advertise or sell ugly babies. And I cannot and will NOT rush my work. This is MY livelihood. MY portfolio. And it is YOUR MONEY. So, if it comes down to sending out a half completed baby to someone who is being rude and impatient then I will send that incomplete doll and I will accept the poor review because THAT is on THEM. The quality of my work is on ME. I know that God’s hand is in my work and on my business. I will not let fear move me from the place He has set me.

And to the rest of you who are amazingly patient and wonderful people who are graciously enduring the baby wait, Thank You. Your baby will be worth the wait, I promise. Thank you for being such awesome people! Thank you for letting me vent and thank you for reading! I pray you are doing well and you will continue to stay healthy and happy. And I pray that your family is blessed. If you need some help with your order please use the MLB Helpdesk Form in the menu bar and I will be there to assist with anything you need! Thank you!

Making Custom Babies

Babies are worked on in batches of kits (4 at a time) and in stages of detailing (base layers of skin, veining layers, color washes, mottling, creasing, micro-detailing, etc.) I work with heat set paints which means that the vinyl has to be rested after it is heated so many times to make sure it returns to its original form. That is why there is a general “in process” explanation for all orders. Because babies are rotating in and out of the studio from start to finish.  I work on a schedule of completions and babies in between stages are stored in the warehouse to prevent dust from accumulating on them.  Once they are brought out for their final stage of painting they are completed, rooted, sealed, photographed and packaged. The photographs are posted to social media for buyer review at that time. This method has proven to be the most time effective and has speeded up delivery times substantially.

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