Shipping Update

The Following Babies Are Scheduled To Ship On Or Before 2/24/20

NOTICE **Due to time constraints the only babies that will have published albums will be the ones purchased in packages that include this service. Sound Units are currently on backorder. If your shipped package includes this item it will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  1. Sleeping Elizabeth (Jannsen) *JTB caucasian, light brown hair
  2. Sleeping Ashley (Marcelina) *Basic no specific instructions
  3. Opal (Kessler) *BRONZE black hair, medium skin, freckles, sparkles, wing magnets
  4. Sleeping Dominick (Topp) *BRONZE brown hair, white skin, closed eyes and realistic details
  5. Noel (Montgomery) *BRONZE caucasian, light brown hair, light skin tone, light mottling, little scratches
  6. Tobiah (Balser) PLATINUM
  7. Sarah (Meth) JTB
  8. Zuri Awake (Coan) BRONZE
  9. Saskia (Hix) *Gold
  10. Lark (Spackman) * Platinum
  11. Lailani (Perez) *JTB
  12. Fiona (Vatca) *BRONZE caucasian, green-brown eyes, medium brown hair
  13. Eloise (Draper) *BRONZE caucasian, medium brown hair, creamy skin
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