On The Tiniest Wings…

So, if you know me or know anything about me you probably know that I am an avid bird lover. If it has wings and a beak I am all in for life! I have a large playground in the livingroom where my sweetest, tamest parakeet Squish and her bestie Gideon (a young blue quaker) live free 24/7. They have clipped wings to keep them out of trouble and the cats that share quarters are so fat and happy and lazy they are safe to roam as they wish. The only kitty still in training is Otis and he is 99% okay with them now, too.

Today, I was painting in the back room which in bird miles is a huge trek from the playground and after about an hour I heard the unmistakable flittering of tiny wings behind me. I turned to see little Squishie skittering up onto the bottom rail of my work stool and behind her was Otis, our young tuxedo boy. He had apparently escorted her from the livingroom and was waiting either to gain courage to initiate a fun game of chase (punishable by spray bottle) or for a reward for bringing her faithfully to my side. I had to laugh a little, because this parakeet is so tiny and Otis is like 1,000 times her size in comparison and yet she didn’t have so much as an ounce of fear. If she would have been frightened she would have been screeching and I would have discovered her voyage much sooner. So, I picked her up and made her a little perch from a clothes hanger and as I watched her swinging, I was still very amused that she had come all that way just to spend time with me.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the holy spirit begin to speak to me. And He started to show me a message in images accompanied by a strong sense of profound knowingness.

In that moment I saw in vivid clarity so many things. The bird playground had everything Squish had needed. I had just set out fresh food and they have every fun thing imaginable for a bird’s enjoyment right there. But I was in the back and what she wanted was me. To just be with me and spend time with me. I didn’t have a bag of treats or anything to offer her. And I hadn’t tried to convince her to pursue me. She did that from her own little soul. I felt such immense joy and gratitude at that moment, it was overwhelming. And then I saw in perfect clarity that the joy that this experience had brought to MY heart is the very same joy that is in God’s heart when we, His children have what we need but we journey toward Him just to spend time in His presence.

This was so clear and so profound to me. I was humbled in an instant. And then He showed me some things about myself. He showed me how I paint and work in my little closet studio and how in those moments I have a multitude of choices. I have many audiobooks and music choices for my joy and entertainment at my fingertips. And then, he showed me how when I choose to listen to a Joyce Meyer sermon or the bible on audiobook, or to spend time worshipping as I work I am in essence journeying to Him just as Squish journeyed to me. And in that moment I saw that this is what brings laughter and joy to the heart of God. And in that moment, I cried.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your presence in my life and for showing me in the little things the greatness of the Father. May all praises be raised up before the Lord of Lords, the God of all creation who loves us and wants us to seek Him.

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