Month: September 2018

Welcome Baby ♡ Zara

<SOLD>Now available for adoption! This precious baby is from the sculpt Zara by Alicia Toner which is sold out. She is almost 22 inches long and weighs 8 lbs 13.2 oz. She has full arms and legs and has been rooted with slumberland mohair in light brown. Enjoy her photo shoot! ♡ BUY THIS BABY

Welcome Baby ♡ Turby’s Custom Yannie

This baby is headed home to the United Kingdom this afternoon. He was created from the sold out limited edition sculpt Yannie by Olga Auer. He has 3/4 arms and full legs. He is about 19 inches long and weighs approximately 5 lbs. I hope you will enjoy the photos.

Welcome Baby ♡ Zannatta

This is a precious baby girl painted in african american tones made from the Asriel Asleep sculpt by Jorja Piggott. She is 21 inches long and weighs just over 5 lbs. I hope you will enjoy her album!

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