August 2018 Progress Update

I know it’s been a while since I have sent a status update. I apologize – it has been a very crazy & hectic season for me. I am still working hard in the studio and have made a ton of progress! Babies take a lot of time BUT, I am getting there! Super excited to have so many on the verge of completion!
PLEASE NOTE: APRIL by Joanna Kazmierczak kits have not arrived as of today, so there are no set due dates for your orders. I will update as soon as I hear from the manufacturer.
As always, if you would like to rush your order this service is available for purchase HERE. Remember, however that when rushing your order this means that portions of your doll’s creation will be made by alternate artists. Thank you!

Specific In Progress Order Information

  • Zannata#1244473034 – Baby is ready for hair
  • Christiane#1253363668 – Baby is waiting for paint detail to be completed.
  • Eikeland#1265115691 – Baby is scheduled for rooting in 3 weeks.
  • Short #1267823985 – Baby’s paint will be complete in 3 weeks & will move on to hair rooting.
  • Mahoney #1268088104 – Baby has been scheduled for rooting next week.
  • Rashid#1283926872 – Baby has rooting scheduled for next week.
  • Diponio#1269680102 – Baby is scheduled for delivery in September.

Silicone Deliveries

  • Conrad’s silicone will be a February Delivery with sound & newborn photo session.
  • Pyykönen’s silicone will be a January delivery.

Completion Estimates by Order Date

January Orders will ship late September – Early October

  • Chloe (Hagen)
  • Realborn Evelyn (Robinson)
  • Ollie (Taylor)
  • (3) April (blank kits have not been delivered)

Late January-February Orders will ship late October – Early November

  • Ashley Awake (St. Dominique)
  • Lailani (Hammond)
  • Evelyn (Clements)
  • Liam (Powell)
  • James (Carrigan)

March Orders will ship Late October- Mid November

  • Edwin (Hammond)
  • Adira (Mayumi)
  • Scarlett (Brizoux)
  • Kase Asleep (Misty)
  • Maylin (Misty)
  • Lailani (Stivers)
  • Maylin (Parks)
  • Scarlett (Busack)

April Orders will ship Late November – Mid December

  • Saskia (Jie)
  • Scarlett (Hernandez)
  • Julien (F) (Silvia)
  • Lailani (Storms)
  • Eric (Ward)
  • Indie (Kassidy)
  • Pilar (Knobbler)

May Orders will ship Late December – Mid January

  • April (Kelly)
  • Liam Brown (Michael)
  • Julien (Christine)
  • Janjelin (Brodeur)
  • Journey (Richard)
  • Princess Adelaide (Yesenia)
  • Clyde (Hoyle)
  • Vincent (Dawson)
  • Kendall (Gylf)

June Orders will ship January

  • Landon (China)
  • Realborn 3 month Joseph (Cruz)
  • Landon (A. Davis)
  • Tony (Hoyle)
  • Raven (Christiansen)
  • Yanni (Barrett)

July Orders will ship Late February – Early March

  • Adelaide (Ruppelt)
  • Morgan (Yulia)
  • April (Sabine)
  • Adelaide (Erin Elizabeth)
  • Lailani (Denton)
  • Nina (Patricia)

August Orders will ship Early March – Late April

  • Mya (Kyria)
  • 3 month Joseph (Judith)
  • Lailani (Krinick)
  • Zuri (Davis)
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