Why You Should Order Your Custom Reborn Baby From Me

My name is Betty Coffman and I am a well-known, established professional reborn doll artist and I am active in the reborn community. I have achieved trusted artist status through more than a decade of hard work, continued learning and establishing a satisfaction guarantee that ensures that no customer is EVER stuck with a baby they don’t absolutely love. My artistry began in 2007 when I created my very first baby. I continued throughout many years developing my skills until in 2013 I began selling professionally on Etsy. Since then I have moved into full time artistry and now sell worldwide on Etsy and also through my private collection shop. I depend on this work to provide for my family, therefore I am continually searching for ways to make my work better and more accessible for collectors all over the world – and from every economic background. I offer generous payment plan options for both silicone and vinyl babies so everyone can afford to buy a custom baby of their own. I believe in the work that I do and to me and many countless others these babies are much more than collectibles. They bring healing & comfort to those whose lives they touch. My ultimate goals in life are to serve God with my gifts & talents and to bring happiness to my wonderful community of collectors.

Prototype Style Painting For EVERY Baby

Everybody wants a prototype style baby. It’s what we see when we view upcoming and new kit releases. It’s the babies that are used to promote sculpts and show details of each baby sculpt. I understand that opting for a baby with less detailing and realism feels like a huge compromise when making a purchase. It also feels like a huge compromise to me as an artist. I don’t want to create “just so” babies. I want to create babies that are rich in details and realism. I want to grow and expand my baby portfolio – and I want to increase my skillset. I want to stretch the boundaries of my artistic expression and reach my goals. I want to expand my art into the dimension of reborn artists that inspire me. So, I have decided that all babies that leave my studio (bald, shadow, 3D painted or prototype pattern micro and mono-rooted hair) will have painted details that are prototype style. Want a cheaper baby? Choose a bald version (which will have rich scalp detailing. You won’t even miss the hair! Want a baby that is made to look as similar to a prototype image as possible? Choose Prototype Reproduction.

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