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Reborn babies, Art Dolls as well as toddler and child sized dolls are my passion! I am a professional reborn doll artist, established and trusted in the reborn community.

I continually offer the highest quality realism at fair prices for the work that is involved with many options to allow YOU to choose your budget. Payment plans are available on all custom dolls.  I have achieved my status as a high-end reborn artist through more than a decade of hard work, continued learning and absolute dedication to expanding my skills.  I have established a satisfaction guarantee that ensures that no customer is EVER stuck with a baby they don’t love. There’s no risk of getting a baby you don’t absolutely adore because you will view and approve your custom baby online before it is shipped – and if you don’t like it YOU CAN EXCHANGE IT for another custom baby of your choice AT NO EXTRA COST!

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My Reborn Babies: How This Whole Thing Works

First, let’s take a deep cleansing breath as we ask ourselves “Is custom ordering for me?”  The reality is that in order for us to work together you must be able to wait patiently for your reborn babies, reborn toddlers or art dolls.  You will be waiting for your baby’s completion for a little while as I work. I know waiting is hard.  It’s the same for me when I order handmade items.  But I also remind myself that I paid for quality work and quality work – no matter the item – requires TIME. 

It may help to stop & consider all of the work that is going into your order. At the end of the day AKA the end of the baby wait I want to be absolutely certain that your baby is THE BEST I HAVE TO OFFER. This means that if you’re not a good at waiting patiently you may feel frustrated at times. I don’t want to work with an impatient client. I provide a clear timeline for completion before you purchase.  And aside from orders placed during the turmoil of the pandemic last year – babies are generally delivered on time. 

This brings me to QUALITY. You will have paid for a top quality hyper-realistic reborn baby that will be a stunning addition to your family. And that is exactly what I will give you if you can work within my processing timeline. 

***If you need your order by a certain date you must contact me BEFORE you order to see if that is possible.  I have a few very talented affiliate reborn artists and great hair rooters who can pop in and help me with deadlines from time to time but I have to check availability BEFORE YOU ORDER.  These artists have their own workload and must be scheduled in advance. Expedited Processing will be offered at affiliate artist cost when available.

Each section begins with an overview of what happens in that particular “trimester” so you can have an idea of what is going on with your baby at any given time. Every baby is different – Every vinyl is different. From the color it was cast in to the adhesion properties for paints. This is one of the things that makes these dolls truly one of a kind even when made from the same sculpt.

Keep in mind that materials & kit supplies are moving very slowly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. There is a longer than normal wait time on all babies. This is beyond my control just as it is beyond yours. We are hopeful that things will soon get back on track and kits will begin manufacturing in a timely manner once again.

Babies are moved in and out of the studio throughout the entire process. I have a very small space to work in until our big move in the Spring – so, I can only have so many babies on the table and in the studio at any given time. You can learn more about what happens in each Trimester by clicking on that segment.

Each trimester includes a multitude of steps. Babies are painted, baked, cooled and painted again as needed. This cycling has to be tempered with periods of rest that allow the vinyl to reclaim its original composition and helps to avoid damaging the sculpt. Most vinyl moves through just fine, but occasionally bubbling can occur. To help avoid this, if extra bakes are required for a doll, it may enter periods of rest more frequently in a progress step than others that are easier to work with in order to protect the sculpt from damage. Not every vinyl kit is the same – I am always working at the mercy of the sculpt. In the event that your baby’s vinyl bubbles up I will replace the kit for you free of charge. If the kit is out of stock or discontinued you will be asked to select a new baby kit to use for your custom order. This happens very rarely BUT it does happen from time to time.

When babies require a resting phase they are stored in the warehouse in sealed containers to avoid dust gathering on them. They are then brought back to the studio for the next steps in their creation. Progress images are available once the baby is in the third trimester. However, if the baby is in a resting phase you will receive the images once your baby has been brought back to the studio for more work. This is in the interest of efficiency and time. Continually requesting progress photos will slow down the production of YOUR baby. And everyone will see their completed baby before he/she ships anyway so there shouldn’t be any issues.

ALL customers will be required to approve their babies before they are shipped out. Proof images will then be supplied at the same time tracking is added to your order. Once you confirm shipment the baby will be scheduled for pickup. This is to make sure that neither of us are paying extra shipping costs and encountering delays if you don’t like your baby as much as you had hoped. Because hand made items, especially reborns are always so unique I know that there is a possibility that you might not be in love with your baby at first sight & that’s ok! I have revised my satisfaction guarantee to meet the needs of these changing times and to protect your investment and my own.

Creation Process: Reborn Babies, Reborn Toddlers

As you have probably learned when searching for reborn babies and art dolls, a tremendous amount of work and artistic energy goes into creating these unique dolls.  Every artist has a system, a technique and a style.  Over the past decade my skillset has grown into a technique that is signature to the look and feel of my babies.  Every baby has impeccable realism.  Rooted babies are skillfully micro and mono rooted using only the very best hair.  Every baby is positionally weighted so that they curl into your arms like a real infant.  Their bottoms are engineered with dry polyester fiber to ensure that “pattable toochie” that we all love about newborns & infants.  Here’s an expansive detailing of what happens from the time you place your order until you get your approval form to proof your finished baby for shipment.  I hope you will enjoy learning about the process!  Once you have placed your order you will receive an access code to enter the progress page and follow along as your baby moves through the stages of creation.


The Preconception Period is the time period when in a real pregnancy you’re waiting for everything to come together so your baby can develop. In this pregnancy this is the time when we are waiting for your sculpt to be delivered so the work can start. Preconception timing is different for everyone. It may take longer for some kits to be delivered to me. Manufacturing delays are ongoing at this time. Please research some of the vendor sites to see which babies are out of stock. When your kit arrives your order will be moved to The First Trimester! This is a hopeful and exciting time! I have backordered every sculpt here EXCEPT Realborns because DP Creations does NOT allow us to order out of stock kits. If you are waiting for a Realborn and you wish to change the kit please contact me using the HelpDesk Button at the top of this page. PREORDER STATUS means the kit you requested has been ordered and has just gone into its first production into vinyl. You have the benefit of receiving one of the very first kits for your custom baby BUT patience is required because artists generally expect to wait at the very least 8 weeks to receive these sculpts and if they hit snags it can be longer.

The First Trimester

The first trimester begins when I have received an authentic copy of your sculpt & the other components necessary to create your sweet baby. Once I have received your materials, the work can begin. In your first trimester as in real pregnancies A LOT happens! Your authentic baby sculpt is prepared for the painting process with an alcohol bath for all vinyl parts. This removes any residual film from the molding process that could cause the paint not to adhere to the vinyl. It gives me a smooth, fresh canvas to work with. Vinyl kits come in many different colors and tones. I begin the painting process by neutralizing any unwanted orange, peach or yellow colors present in the vinyl. This is called color washing. The exact number of layers and the time this takes varies with each baby but on average you can expect this step to include 2 to 5 separate baking & cooling sessions before we can move onto the next important step. epending on the target skin color for your baby a custom palette color is created using authentic reborn heat set paints and genesis paints. The very first overall skin color is applied in this step so that it can be built up and finished as close to your target color as possible.Some babies move faster through these steps and some take longer. As I have said before, EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT. By now your baby has developed an overall skin tone and unwanted color saturation has been neutralized. Now it’s time to begin building on that foundation. I am now ready to begin adding blush colors and some faint mottling to your baby. I am also working on the lips, eyelids and skin wrinkles. The wrinkles are built up just like the skin so they appear three dimensional and squishy. Generally this step includes 4 to 7 bakes (depending on the kit) and will need to be cooled between layers. Babies are also rested intermittently throughout the process to maintain the integrity of the vinyl. You can get really nasty bubbling of the vinyl if you bake too many times without allowing the vinyl to reset itself and return to its normal state. Once the baby has been cooled & rested we are ready to begin the next segment of detailing. Babies are painted under 5500k lights (daylight) so I can see the skin depth as it is built up. At this point I am examining your babies tone. Sometimes through adding layers of paint we may need to adjust the color again using color washing to neutralize out any unwanted hues that have developed. I am also adding any additional skin layers that are needed (this is based on each individual baby). I will work a little more on the lips, eyelids and creases in this step, as well. Babies at this stage move into a resting state in preparation for the next trimester.

The Second Trimester

The second trimester begins with balancing the blushing. Depending on the preferences of the mother a blush palette is created using authentic reborn heat set paints and genesis. The colors are mixed to be complementary to the skin tone. Babies will receive from 3 to 5 layers of blushing. The cheeks are blushed. The knee caps are blushed and also the elbows. In newborns this is when I will really build up the mottling on the limbs, forehead and face. Fingertips and the tips of the toes and soles of the feet also receive special focus in this step. Nail beds are built up in natural pink tones to resemble living skin. Next up is another color wash and/or color correction if needed. This is where yellow tones are added when necessary for the realistic flesh coloring if it wasn’t present in the kits vinyl. I will continue the lip definition, the eyelids and add the pinks to the skin folds on each side of the wrinkles to add a three dimensional effect. Capillaries and purple tones are added to the eye areas and the inner canthus of the eyes are finished with light blue, pink and purple as needed for realism. The veining process starts at this point with a dilute blue wash. The areas on the limbs with the thinnest skin are shaded with the right blue for their skintone. By now your baby in this trimester has undergone many layers of painting with several baking and cooling periods. The scalp detailing is accomplished in this trimester, as well. I will add the first of several layers of veining of varying depths and fade them so they appear under the translucent skin. Babies are then baked and cooled for two sets of 11 mins each (bake 11 minutes, cool 30 then repeat again). They are then moved to the warehouse for a resting state (if they haven’t already required a resting period).

The Third Trimester

In this trimester your baby has received much of the overall coloring and most of the color washes that will be necessary. Your baby will be viewed and assessed for color balance and micro-detailing will begin. Micro-Detailing is the tiniest paintbrush you can imagine adding things like capillaries, milk spots (if requested) and eyebrow hairs. The eyelids will also receive tiny blue veining in this trimester, as well. The mottling is being finalized here and the very top layers of skin are being applied. This is also the point where skin texture would be applied if it was part of the order details. As the eyebrows are built up the finishing touches are applied to the eye area and the babies eyes are installed. The lips are shaded for the final time and any outlining is completed in areas that need additional shading like between the fingers and toes. The baby’s ears get special attention now, too. The skin coloring has been built up nicely so the warm fleshy pink tones are added to the tops of the ears. The inside of the ears are shaded with a deeper color. The thin skin behind the ears is now being shaded in pale purples or blues depending on the finished effect I am working toward. Any birthmarks or special markings like scratches, etc. are created in this trimester. The eyebrows get their finished layers now and the cream tips are added to the fingernails and toenails. The inside of the nostrils are gone over again to deepen them more for a finished natural look. If the baby is getting painted hair this is when the scalp prep is done. I will seal the last layer of paint with clear airdry sealer so the paints will stick properly when I am painting the hair. For rooted babies this is when they receive their stork bites and other scalp detailing. It’s almost time for LABOR & DELIVERY!

Labor Room

This section is where your baby will undergo his/her first “realism check” for color accuracy in a normal daylight setting and if he/she needs another “dimension” added to the skin or creases need more shading here is where that will happen. Up until this moment your baby has been constantly viewed under 55k daylight lamps for color accuracy. Now it’s time to verify the appearance of the skin both for translucency and coloring in natural light. Babies will be evaluated and any necessary enhancements will be applied in the next section. Keep in mind my studio is SMALL. Your baby will be sealed up once again and will be in a resting phase until I can move Him/Her to Delivery. 

Delivery Room

 Your baby has come a very long way in his/her journey to being brought to life. At this stage babies details are finalized and painted details are reviewed for a final time before the hair is started. This is the stage where any last minute changes or revisions are begun. If a buyer has ordered their baby with baby fuzz on the face this is where that medium is applied and sealed. If the baby has gotten too shiny this is the time final matting is applied. Babies ordered with birthmarks will get those (if raised and not flat) made more three-dimensional. The final sealer is applied and the sculpt is sent through two or three baking & cooling cycles. This will finish bonding the paint layers to the vinyl to protect the baby’s finish. The eyes are set after the last bake when the vinyl is still very warm to allow for flexibility and ease of installation. When it is possible I avoid making incisions for eye insertion. I prefer to work from the front of the eyes inward but every artist does this differently. And now your baby is just waiting for his/her hair.

 Preparing To Ship

NOTICE: Your Baby is just about finished BUT we are not quite there yet! The babies featured in this section are waiting for or receiving their hair (some may still be undergoing additional detailing depending on the order) so DO NOT PANIC if your order seems to be lingering here for a bit. Keep in mind that rooting is absolutely the most time consuming process involved in creating your precious little one. Then the hair has to be sealed and tested for breakage/shedding.

When your baby moves into this section it’s time for excitement because this is the last little bit of the journey. It’s time for you to finish nesting in preparation for your little one. As a general rule each baby 17-21″ long require 3-5 days to root and 2-3 days to sealBabies 22-23″ long require 4-6 days to root and 2-4 days to seal. Toddler & Child Size Dolls require more time for both stages. If the vinyl is found to be thick or hard that will also slow down the process because of needle breakage. Your baby’s ship date will depend on your delivery acceptance so it’s really important that you make sure you can receive EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS. If an invitation to review your baby is rejected by your mail program your baby will be shipped and your order will be completed. 


Please read and follow these instructions to ensure a smooth digital proofing experience and to expedite the shipment process. CHECK YOUR EMAIL!! Add rebornbabiesartdolls@outlook.com to your approved senders list so it doesn’t end up in spam or be REJECTED by your mail program! Be sure to complete and submit your form. Failure to approve or decline shipment within 72 hours (using the signature form provided in your proof email) will be considered an automatic approval and there will be NO OPTION for exchange. Due to the COVID-19 concerns I cannot allow babies to be delivered, handled and then returned. So once you have received your baby – the sale is complete as is. You will be provided with images of your baby taken under 5500k daylight lamps to avoid shadows and to show true colors. Your tracking number will be added to your order history once you have confirmed acceptance.

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