Throughout the month of January we will be accepting offers for custom reborns.
Just choose your baby sculpt & submit an offer today.  All reasonable offers will be considered. 

Instructions To Participate:

1. Click The Image Above
2. Browse Babies or Search For A Sculpt
3. Click The Baby To Open Details
4. Look For The Make An Offer Button
5. Click & Complete The Questionnaire
6. Receive An Answer Instantly
7. Checkout Using Our Secure Servers

An Important Message From Betty

Thanks for coming by! I am so happy you’re here! I can’t wait to show you everything that is new for 2020! From giveaways & contests to a brand new “make an offer” program I am sure you will find exactly what you’re searching for in a reborn baby! Please take a look at my previous work! Here are just a few of my favorite custom babies I created this past year.

Ready To Shop or Make An Offer?

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Please Take A Look At Some Of My Most Recent Babies

Thanks for visiting! Below are some of my most recent babies which have already been adopted. For other examples of my work, please be sure to visit Birth Announcements where completed babies are organized into full albums.

About My Babies

All of My Babies are painted with three dimensional skin and age appropriate veining that appears translucent in places just like a real baby’s. Mottling is added in multiple colors/shades built from the same palette. Creases & fat wrinkles are shaded in two different colors (to achieve the warm, natural effect and add depth).

Barely There Eyebrows are painted in several layers in the color of your choice and will appear three dimensional. Sleeping babies will have eyelashes that are rooted.

A magnet will be added inside the head just behind the lips for a pacifier (unless no magnet is requested in the notes).

The body and limbs are weighted with ultra fine glass beads and topped with premium polyfil for a naturally poseable body and soft, limbs that are slightly squeezable.

The head is weighted, and will need support just like a newborn. You choose your hair type (rooted/painted/bald). Alpaca/Angora mohair is micro-rooted complete with baby swirl at the crown and then sealed from the inside of the head with clear drying adhesive to prevent excess shedding.

Packaging will vary based on your selections. All babies are wrapped in a waterproof padding layer to prevent any moisture damage should the box come in contact with water during transit. Most often box opening items will be delivered in the same packaging as the baby – but if an item is out of stock it will be shipped separately as soon as it is available.


  1. Processing time begins when I have received the blank kit & materials for your purchase. You can ensure the date of your baby’s arrival by purchasing a PLANNED ARRIVAL DELIVERY. Just contact me before you buy to set that up!
  2. Standard Processing is 16-28 weeks. Patience is required! Sometimes new sculpts take a while to get in stock and sometimes my workload is just heavier than at other times. Your order is very important to me and I will do everything I can to deliver your baby in the shortest time possible. 
  3. I have to include this due to previous customers who have tried to rush the delivery of their baby by opening an item not received case on Etsy/PayPal etc. Unfortunately this makes it very difficult for me to finish a doll as I am REQUIRED to ship immediately to close the case. If a customer opens an Item Not Received case the incomplete baby will be shipped IMMEDIATELY and the order will be marked complete. THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION I HAVE ONCE YOU HAVE OPENED A CASE.
  4. There are no refunds, no cancellations and no returns on any custom order. Please be sure before you buy!
  5. Forced Refunds of any kind on any payment venue will result in litigation to reacquire all lost funds plus attorney and other legal fees.
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