Thanks for visiting! I am so glad you are here! There are hundreds of photographs of my babies featured on this page and throughout the website. Every baby you see in the slideshow panels AND galleries are MY OWN WORK. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here to help.

My Most Recent Babies

This gallery features my most recent babies which have already been adopted. For other examples of my work, please be sure to visit the Birth Announcements. Babies there are organized into full albums. For your convenience links have been provided at the very bottom of this page.

Brand New Babies

The store listings below feature prototype images of babies. These are brand new releases so I have not yet had an opportunity to create one of my own.

My Portfolio

About My Babies

All of My Babies are painted with three dimensional skin and age appropriate veining that appears translucent in places just like a real baby’s. Mottling is added in multiple colors/shades built from the same palette. Creases & fat wrinkles are shaded in two different colors (to achieve the warm, natural effect and add depth).

Barely There Eyebrows are painted in several layers in the color of your choice and will appear three dimensional. Sleeping babies will have eyelashes that are rooted.

A magnet will be added inside the head just behind the lips for a pacifier (unless no magnet is requested in the notes).

The body and limbs are weighted with ultra fine glass beads and topped with premium polyfil for a naturally poseable body and soft, limbs that are slightly squeezable.

The head is weighted, and will need support just like a newborn. You choose your hair type (rooted/painted/bald). Alpaca/Angora mohair is micro-rooted complete with baby swirl at the crown and then sealed from the inside of the head with clear drying adhesive to prevent excess shedding.

Packaging will vary based on your selections. All babies are wrapped in a waterproof padding layer to prevent any moisture damage should the box come in contact with water during transit. Most often box opening items will be delivered in the same packaging as the baby – but if an item is out of stock it will be shipped separately as soon as it is available.

Your deposit amount is what you pay HERE when you checkout. You will still owe the balance of whichever package you have selected. Your first payment will be due 30 days after date of deposit. Maximum Layaway period is 12 months for this baby. All payments are non-refundable. Layaway will be setup using Invoicing at My Littlest Blessings. Only your deposit will be paid here. You will receive a message from me containing a link to your layaway agreement. You will receive automatic reminders for payment every 30 days until your layaway is complete. Your baby will NOT be created until your final payment has been made. *Layaway Shipping: You will receive a hard copy of your layaway package tracked with signature required. This serves as your layaway delivery for this item and your commitment to complete your layaway plan.


I know that there are hundreds of artists that you could choose to create your custom reborn baby. I appreciate your consideration and I hope that after reviewing my previous work, you will choose me to bring your little blessing to life. With over 12 Years Experience in reborning, I work VERY hard to make sure every customer has an excellent buying experience and a baby they are in love with. This is my ONLY source of income to provide for my family – so you can rest assured that your custom baby is as important to ME as it is to YOU. My Babies are painted using my own blend of heat set paints & sealers for lasting realism that will not fade, chip or crack. Babies are weighted appropriately for a realistic, cuddly feel. Completed Babies are photographed under full spectrum lighting using professional photography props. My Images are NEVER altered or edited.

Standard Processing Time: 16 Weeks (in some cases an order may require additional time to complete)


♦ ️Listing Images Are NOT The Baby You will Receive and many are NOT my work. To verify my work, please visit


Brand New Custom Silicone Baby!

Sarah’s Coming Home Packages Start At $1,899

Sarah by Antonio Sanchez is a custom cloth body platinum silicone baby with full arms and legs. She is poured in EcoFlex 20. She is 21 inches long and will wear NB & 0-3 Mos Clothing. You can choose light or dark skin and all of the baby’s details. Baby will weigh 7-9 lbs when completed. Baby Wait starts at 7 months.


Current Custom Sculpts


About Me

Image may contain: Betty Jane Coffman, closeupI am a Christian artist, and while I love babies and I am passionate about my artistry, I know in my heart that without God’s hand in my work it is only a doll. And I want my babies to be so much more than that. I want to bring healing and comfort to those who are hurting. And I want to remind the world of the spirit of true innocence and love with the work of my hands. To me, kindness is everything. I want my customers to feel valued and my collectors to feel confident every step of the way when creating their baby.

I create one of a kind custom lifelike babies. Using the Baby Designer, customers can easily create their dream babies from head to toe right on my website. Thank you for making an investment in love that can be passed down from generation to generation by placing a custom order with me. My dolls are of impeccable quality, and when cared for appropriately can last for many, many years of enjoyment. Because art of this quality is not “instant” – ordering from me will require patience. I do not rush my work and while I do my best to complete orders as quickly as this artistry allows – there will be a wait. Generally, customers wait for at least 16 weeks for their order to be complete. Sometimes, there is additional time required depending on the availability of materials and my current workload.

I want every customer to receive a beautiful baby that has 100% of my energy, focus, love and passion. To ensure the highest quality babies, I use a blend of air dry & custom heat set paints to ensure hyper-realistic lifelike quality and ultra-realism that will not fade or chip over time. Each baby is colored, detailed and weighted to feel realistic when held and swaddled. From the sweet “pattable bottom” weighting technique to my huge selection of world class realism upgrades & add-ons you can be sure that your investment means as much to me as it does to you.

​Every Baby is made with breathtaking Hyper-Realistic detailing exactly as you see in prototype dolls made by some of the most talented artists in the industry. Only the best kits are selected and each baby kit goes through its own process of preparation for painting. I use a combination of thin washes and hand applied mottling to create the look of real skin. From the delicate veining in the baby’s hands and feet to the shading of the creases in the folds of the skin, my babies all look VERY real. All new materials are used in the assembly of my babies. I spare no expense in creating my babies. No detail is overlooked and no baby is ever rushed through unless a customer requests it. Art is not instantaneous & these babies take time to create. I kindly request that you take this into consideration when placing an order with me. 

​I dedicate more than 60 hours of work every week to creating these beautiful dolls. It is my love. It is my passion. It is a gift to me to be able to invest my energy in such a beautiful & healing art form. I appreciate each customer and collector. It is my goal to make my babies affordable to everyone, which is why I have developed a flexible payment plan ranging from 3 months to an entire year. Thank you so much for visiting my store. And thank you for choosing me to be your baby artist. It is an honor & a blessing to me.

Whether your adoption takes place here on this website or in my Etsy store, you can expect to receive a beautiful and realistic baby. I do not cut corners on quality. Your baby is not only YOUR BABY but it is a very important part of  MY PORTFOLIO. I am very demanding from myself when it comes to the quality of realism in my dolls. I believe in total transparency, so I lay everything out in a very understandable and streamlined way to make it easier for buyers to understand the terms of purchase.


  1. Processing time begins when I have received the blank kit & materials for your purchase. You can ensure the date of your baby’s arrival by purchasing a PLANNED ARRIVAL DELIVERY. Just contact me before you buy to set that up!
  2. Standard delivery is 12-16 weeks but occasionally it may require additional time to complete your order. Patience is required! Sometimes new sculpts take a while to get in stock and sometimes my workload is just heavier than at other times. Your order is very important to me and I will do everything I can to deliver your baby on time.
  3. I have to include this due to previous customers who have tried to rush the delivery of their baby by opening a case on Etsy. Unfortunately this makes it very difficult for me to finish a doll as I am REQUIRED to ship immediately to close the case. If a customer opens an Item Not Received case the incomplete baby will be shipped IMMEDIATELY and the order will be marked complete. THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION I HAVE ONCE YOU HAVE OPENED A CASE.
  4. There are no refunds, no cancellations and no returns on any custom order. Please be sure before you buy!
  5. Fraudulent Chargebacks & Forced Refunds of any other kind on any payment venue will result in litigation to reacquire all lost funds plus attorney and other legal fees.


My Most Recent Custom Babies – All Babies Pictured are sold. However, if you see something you like please contact me using my request a quote form (click or scroll down) and I will be happy to check availability & pricing for you. Be sure to right click & save the image you are inquiring about to your phone, computer or tablet so you can upload it in the form.

Twin A by Bonnie Brown

Realborn Landon Asleep

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